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Hermann Harde, Günther Helmrich und Marcus Wolff
Opto-acoustic 13C-breath test analyzer
Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2010
San Francisco, California
January 23, 2010
Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2010 Band 7564 aus Proceedings of SPIE

Marker: TI-MP

Dirk Lewandowski, Katrin Weller und Isabella Peters
1. Studenten-Workshop für informationswissenschaftliche Forschung (SWIF 2010)

Marker: DMI-I

Matthias Weber, Thomas Kletschkowski und Delf Sachau
Anwendung der inversen Finite-Elemente-Methode in Kombination mit Energieminimierung zur Schallquellenortung in einer Flugzeugsektion
36th German Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA)
15. - 18.3
DAGA 2010
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier, Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus und Daniel Moldt
Generating Executable MAS-Prototypes from SONAR Specifications
Marina De Vos, Nicoletta Fornara, Jeremy V. Pitt und George A. Vouros (Hrsg.) Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems, COIN'10 Band 6541 aus LNAI , Seite 21--38.
Simon Adameit, Tobias Betz, Lawrence Cabac, Florian Hars, Marcin Hewelt, Michael Köhler-Bußmeier, Daniel Moldt, Dimitri Popov, José Quenum, Axel Theilmann, Thomas Wagner, Timo Warns und Lars Wüstenberg
Herold: Agent-oriented, Policy-based Network Security Management
Future Security, 5th Security Research Conference, Berlin; 2010
Verlag: Fraunhofer VVS,
Daniel Moldt, Michael Köhler-Bußmeier, Axel Theilmann, Simon Adameit, Tobias Betz, Lawrence Cabac, Florian Hars, Marcin Hewelt, Dimitri Popov, José Quenum, Thomas Wagner, Timo Warns und Lars Wüstenberg
Modelling Distributed Network Security in a Petri Net and Agent-based Approach
Jürgen Dix und Witteveen Cees (Hrsg.) Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies, MATES 2010 Band 6251 aus LNAI
Christian Baier, Thomas Görne und Eva Wilk
Untersuchung zur Manipulation von Erwartungshaltungen durch tiefe Frequenzen im Sounddesign
26. Tonmeistertagung, Leipzig

Marker: DMI-Mt

Matthias Wählisch, Thomas C. Schmidt, Sebastian Meiling, Markus de Brün und Thomas Häberlen
Towards a Nation-Centric Understanding of the Internet
Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM CoNEXT. Student Workshop
Verlag: ACM, New York

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: Data communication in the Internet is based on the borderless interplay of Autonomous Systems (ASes). An AS abstracts one or multiple IP networks, which may be globally distributed, but is owned by an organization located in a country. Current research on the Internet structure mainly focuses on a global perspective or considers local, intra-domain properties. In this paper, we analyze nation-centric subsets of the Internet taken from the AS-level graph of Germany. Each subset reflects a public or industrial sector. Based on a classified set of relevant German ASes, we are able to perform detailed investigations of structural dependencies for the critical Internet infrastructure. We identify and visualize the importance of dedicated ASes within specific sectors, and quantify robustness of the communication communities. Our preliminary results indicate that members of sectoral groups tend to ovoid direct peering, but connect via a small group of common ISPs. This results in an enhanced dependence (betweenness) on selected hubs as compared to the characteristics of larger networks.

Matthias Wählisch, Sebastian Meiling und Thomas C. Schmidt
A Framework for Nation-Centric Classification and Observation of the Internet
Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM CoNEXT. Student Workshop
Verlag: ACM, New York

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: The Internet has matured to a mission-critical infrastructure, and recently attracted much attention at political and legal levels in many countries. Civil actions regarding the Internet infrastructure require a thorough understanding of the national components of the global Internet to foresee possible impacts of regulations and operations at a country-level. In this paper we report on a methodology, tool chain and results for identifying and classifying a 'national Internet'. We argue for the importance to consider individual IP-blocks and quantify the effects of our proposed approach. The methods have been applied to identify a 'German Internet', but are designed general enough to work for most countries, as well.

Sebastian Meiling, Dominik Charousset, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
System-assisted Service Evolution for a Future Internet -- The HAMcast Approach to Pervasive Multicast
Proc. of IEEE GLOBECOM 2010, Workshop MCS 2010 , Seite 913-917.
Verlag: IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: The Internet has been successful in providing a uniformly available IPv4 unicast service, accessible via the socket API which eased application deployment. However, this tightly shaped concept failed to promote a heterogeneous network layer (including IPv6) or additional services like multicast. In this paper, we propose methods for diversifying the Internet service capabilities with the help of enhanced end system intelligence and an API abstraction towards the applications. We provide a general architecture for the example of hybrid adaptive mobile multicast (HAMcast) which allows for various realizations and pluralistic deployments. The achievement of our contribution is a universal, robust service access that allows group applications to run everywhere, no matter what the status of regional technological deployment will be.

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