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Mike Gerdes
Decision Trees and Genetic Algorithms for Condition Monitoring - Forecasting of Aircraft Air Conditioning
Expert Systems with Applications, 40(12):5021–5026
15 September 2013
ISSN: 0957-4174

Schlüsselwörter: Decision tree; Forecasting; Expert system; Machine learning; Time series; Maintenance; Genetic algorithm

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Zusammenfassung: Unscheduled maintenance of aircraft can cause significant costs. The machine needs to be repaired before it can operate again. Thus it is desirable to have concepts and methods to prevent unscheduled maintenance. This paper proposes a method for forecasting the condition of aircraft air conditioning system based on observed past data. Forecasting is done in a point by point way, by iterating the algorithm. The proposed method uses decision trees to find and learn patterns in past data and use these patterns to select the best forecasting method to forecast future data points. Forecasting a data point is based on selecting the best applicable approximation method. The selection is done by calculating different features/attributes of the time series and then evaluating the decision tree. A genetic algorithm is used to find the best feature set for the given problem to increase the forecasting performance. The experiments show a good forecasting ability even when the function is disturbed by noise.

Stephanie Gross, Dominik Wilms, Jannike Krause, Gerald Brezesinski und Jörg Andrä
Design of NK-2-derived peptides with improved activity against equine sarcoid cells
Journal of Peptide Science, 19(10):619-628
25 Juli 2013

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Ursula Georgy und Frauke Schade
A Marketing Toolkit for Public Libraries
IFLA. Management and Marketing Section Newsletter, 23:2,3
Mai 2013

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Markus Linke, Christoph Greb, Andreas Schnabel und Thomas Gries
Mass production technologies for textile reinforcement structures.
Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Macromolecular Engineering, 42(4):150-156
12 Februar 2013

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Günther Gravel
Analysis of Ripple on Noisy Gears
GearSolutions, January 2013:38-47
1 Januar 2013

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Günther Gravel
Rapid Prototyping - Die Befreiung der Konstrukteure
VDI / VDE-Fachzeitschrift Mensch & Technik, I / 2013:14-15
1 Januar 2013

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Lili Wang, Shuai Gao, Hongke Zhang, Thomas C. Schmidt und Jianfeng Guan
Mobile Multicast Source Support in PMIPv6 Networks
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2013(1):152

Zusammenfassung: With the widespread use of multimedia contents via mobile nodes (MNs), IP mobile multicast becomes more important for wireless, mobile, and ubiquitous multimedia applications. Until now, many research efforts have been made to provide IP multicast for the MNs. However, the existing mobile multicast schemes mostly focus on the mobility of receivers based on the host-based mobility solution that requires the MN to participate in the mobility management. Recent work has shown that service connectivity for mobile multicast sources is still a problem and attracts very little concern. With the development of the network-based mobility support protocol, mobile multicast source support schemes in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) networks are needed urgently. In this paper, we propose a base solution (BS) and also a direct multicast routing scheme (DMRS) for mobile multicast source support in PMIPv6 networks. In the BS, the multicast listener discover (MLD) proxy function is adopted to transmit multicast data through the PMIPv6 tunnel. The DMRS can provide locally optimized traffic flows and avoid inefficient routing present in the BS. We evaluate and compare the performance of the proposed schemes with the Mobile IP bidirectional tunneling (MIP-BT) and Mobile IP remote subscription (MIP-RS) schemes by theoretical analysis and also implement the proposed schemes on the test-bed. The numerical results show that the BS and DMRS outperform the MIP-BT and MIP-RS in terms of signaling cost. Meanwhile, the experimental results verify the feasibility and validity of our proposed schemes. Furthermore, we study the optimal PMIPv6 domain size to reduce the total signaling cost for the proposed schemes.

Felix Gomez Marmol, Christoph Sorge, Osman Ugus und Gregorio Martinez Perez
WSANRep, WSAN Reputation-Based Selection in Open Environments
Wireless Personal Communications, 68(3):921--937

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Simon Güntner und Jamie Harding
Active Inclusion – an Effective Strategy to Tackle Youth Homelessness?
European Journal of Homelessness, (Vol. 7/2):249-263

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Simon Güntner und Harald Ansen
Das Wohnquartier – eine vernachlässigte Dimension im aktuellen Armutsdiskurs?
vhw Forum Stadtentwicklung, (1/2013):3-6

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