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Jörg Andrä, Oksana Travkova, Gerald Brezesinski und Helmuth Möhwald
Influence of Arenicin on Phase Transitions and Ordering of Lipids in 2D Model Membranes
Langmuir, 29(39):12203-12211
3 September 2013

Marker: LS-Bt

Jana Bankovic, Jörg Andrä, Nataša Todorovic, Ana Podolski-Renic, Zorica Miloševic, Dorde Miljkovic, Jannike Krause, Sabera Ruždijic, Nikola Tani? und Milica Pešic
The elimination of P-glycoprotein over-expressing cancer cells by antimicrobial cationic peptide NK-2: The unique way of multi-drug resistance modulation
Experimental Cell Research, 319(7):1013-1027
15 April 2013

Marker: LS-Bt

Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Dominik Charousset und Sebastian Meiling
On Name-based Group Communication: Challenges, Concepts, and Transparent Deployment
Computer Communications,

Zusammenfassung: Human-centric naming will largely facilitate access and deployment of network services in a future Internet. Information-centric networking (ICN) introduces such vision of a name-oriented, secure, globally available publish-subscribe infrastructure. Current approaches concentrate on unicast-like pull mechanisms and thereby fall short of naming and automatically updating content at groups of receivers. In this paper, we adopt the information-centric paradigm, but argue that an inclusion of multicast will grant additional benefits to the network layer. Our contribution bridges the gap between requesting content by name and applying requests to a scalable distribution infrastructure in a many-to-many communication model. We introduce a group-oriented naming concept that integrates the various available group schemes, simplifies rendezvous processes, and introduces new use cases. We present an open-source prototype of this name-oriented multicast access implemented in the HAMcast middleware.

Felix Gomez Marmol, Christoph Sorge, Osman Ugus und Gregorio Martinez Perez
WSANRep, WSAN Reputation-Based Selection in Open Environments
Wireless Personal Communications, 68(3):921--937

Marker: TI-I

Stefan Keiter, Thomas Braunbeck, Susanne Heise, Stefan Pudenz, Werner Manz und Henner Hollert
A fuzzy logic-classification of sediments based on data from in vitro biotests
Journal of Soils and Sediments, 9(3):168-179

Marker: LS

A. Toumi, L. Chun, S. Bhosle, G. Zissis, P. Maussion, Bernd Baumann und Marcus Wolff
Acoustic Resonance Characterization and Numerical Model Including Acoustic Streaming in an HPS Lamp
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 49(3):1154-1160

Marker: TI-MP

Walter Leal Filho und E. Manolas
Applying an ethical decision-making model: the case of Avco environmental
Progress in Industrial Ecology 8 (3) 3, :135-144

Marker: FTZ-ALS

Johanna Buchcik, Joachim Westenhöfer und Colin R. Martin
Assessment measures of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of migrants. . A systematic review
International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, 9(4):170-188

Schlüsselwörter: Migrant Quality of Life

Marker: LS-GW, CCG

Zusammenfassung: Purpose – Definition-problems concerning the terms “migrant” and “Health-Related Quality of Life” (HRQoL) have a negative impact on the operationalization and measurement of the multidimensional and subjective construct of HRQoL. The aims of this systematic literature review are to address the following questions: How can the instruments used within the research field “migration and HRQoL” be described or categorized? Which dimensions (psychological, physical and social) and associated sub-dimensions have been used concerning measuring HRQoL when measures are applied to migrants? Design/methodology/approach – A systematic review was conducted. Three databases (Medline, Embase and Cinahl) were systematically searched for the investigation on HRQoL of migrants. Articles written in English, German and Polish, published since 2003 and meeting other inclusion criteria, were included in the final analysis. Findings – In the first stage a total of 4,062 studies were identified. However, very few studies were found to focus on HRQoL among migrants. Finally, 28 studies were included in the analysis. The results confirm that the terms “migrant” and “Quality of Life” and “Health-Related Quality of Life” are neither congruently used nor defined, respectively, within these studies, which consequently impacts deleteriously on the application and measurement of the concept in these groups. The majority of the studies reported to measure HRQoL with a well-known and validated HRQoL instrument. The physical dimensions (symptoms/pain/vitality, energy/vitality/sleep and the objective/subjective health status) are predominantly represented in the reviewed literature. The psychological dimension mostly includes sub-dimensions such as psychological stress and depressive symptoms; the social dimension was predominantly considered as the sub-dimension social relationships/networking. Originality/value – This paper highlights profound issues in the accurate assessment of HRQoL in migrants. This may have a significant impact on delivery of appropriate evidenced-based care for migrants in need of healthcare intervention.

Matthias Schneider, Valentin Roscher, Günter Müller, Karl-Ragmar Riemschneider und Jürgen Vollmer
Fahrzeugbatterien mit integrierten Zellensensoren
eForum, HAW Hamburg, 2013(1):16-21
ISSN: 2196-7466

Schlüsselwörter: Starterbatterie, Traktionsbatterie, Drahtlose Sensoren, Batterie-Monitoring, Lithiumzellen, Sicherheit von Batterien, Wirtschaftlicher Betrieb von Batterien

Marker: TI-IE

Zusammenfassung: Die Zuverlässigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit der Batteriefunktion soll durch Einzelzellen-Sensoren gesichert werden. Es werden Sensoren zum Einbau in Zellen der Batterie untersucht. Sie kommunizieren drahtlos mit einem Batteriesteuergerät.

H.E. Breimaier, RJG Halfens, D. Wilborn, M. Meesterberends, G.H. Nielsen und C. Lohrmann
Implementation Interventions Used in Nursing Homes and Hospitals: A Descriptive, Comparative Study between Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands
ISRN Nursing,

Marker: WS-PM

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