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Christoph Bode, Torben Aufderheide, Dragan Kozulovic und Jens Friedrichs
The Effects of Turbulence Length Scale on Turbulence and Transition Prediction in Turbomachinery Flows
ASME Turbo Expo 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany

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Gerhard Biallas
Warum erwärmen sich Metalle bei Ermüdung? – Überlegungen zu Thermometrie und Laststeigerungsversuchen.
Frühjahrssitzung der DGM-DVM AG Materialermüdung, Bremen

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Gerhard Biallas
Aluminium – Eigenschaften, Wärmebehandlung, Werkstoffbeispiele
12. Bielefelder Werkstofftag, BIfAM – Bielefelder Institut für Angewandte Materialforschung

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Gerhard Biallas
Entstehung von Ermüdungsrissen an Defekten
46. Tagung des DVM-Arbeitskreises Bruchvorgänge, Kassel

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B. Baumann, J. Schwieger, M. Wolff, F. Manders und J. Suijker
3D Acoustic Streaming Field in High-Intensity Discharge Lamps (Best Paper Award)
Comsol Conference, Session: Acoustics and Vibrations II, Cambridge/UK

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Steffen Brauer und Thomas C. Schmidt
Are Circles Communities? A Comparative Analysis of Selective Sharing in Google+
Proc. of 34th Int. Conf. Dist. Comp. Systems ICDCS -- WS HotPost , Seite 8--15.
Verlag: IEEEPress, Piscataway, NJ, USA

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Zusammenfassung: The audience of shared content in Social Media is often hard to determine. To protect users from over-sharing, several services provide a feature for grouping contacts. Communities, interest groups, and circles are common examples. In this work, we investigate the structural properties of the circles in Google+ in comparison to the well-known communities. Based on several data sets and scoring functions, we search for the specific characteristics of circles. Our findings indicate that circles indeed form a special substructure that clearly differs from community groups. While the internal connectivity of circles and communities appear fairly similar, circles admit a much enhanced intensity of external relations. Circles resemble communities to which a large number of external links have been added. Selective sharing in circles is thus less confined.

Emmanuel Baccelli, Christian Mehlis, Oliver Hahm, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
Information Centric Networking in the IoT: Experiments with NDN in the Wild
Proc. of 1st ACM Conf. on Information-Centric Networking (ICN-2014) , Seite 77--86.
Verlag: ACM, New York

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Zusammenfassung: This paper explores the feasibility, advantages, and challenges of an ICN-based approach in the Internet of Things. We report on the first NDN experiments in a life-size IoT deployment, spread over tens of rooms on several floors of a building. Based on the insights gained with these experiments, the paper analyses the shortcomings of CCN applied to IoT. Several interoperable CCN enhancements are then proposed and evaluated. We significantly decreased control traffic (i.e., interest messages) and leverage data path and caching to match IoT requirements in terms of energy and bandwidth constraints. Our optimizations increase content availability in case of IoT nodes with intermittent activity. This paper also provides the first experimental comparison of CCN with the common IoT standards 6LoWPAN/RPL/UDP.

Nora Berg, Sebastian Meiling und Thomas C. Schmidt
Perspectives on Multicast Complexity
Proc. of WS on Understanding the inter-play between sustainability, resilience, and robustness in networks (USRR)
Verlag: Network of Excellence in Internet Science (EINS), Ghent, Belgium

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Florian Bartols, Till Steinbach, Franz Korf, Bettina Buth und Thomas C. Schmidt
Real-time Ethernet Residual Bus Simulation: A Model-Based Testing Approach for the Next-Generation In-Car Network
22nd International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS) 2014
Verlag: ACM-DL, New York

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Zusammenfassung: The increasing complexity of automotive networks, their challenging timing constraints and their high bandwidth demands require new concepts for future in-car communication. Real-time Ethernet is meant to be a suitable candidate for the next-generation in-car interconnection. However, model-based testing capabilities must be available as well. Applications must be validated prior the first assembly, due to the distributed development process. Methods like residual bus simulation are of particular interest to allow for testing systems in early development stages by emulating unfinished or not available parts of the system. In this paper, we present a methodology and a feasibility study of a residual bus simulation in automotive real-time Ethernet systems. The challenges of applying this testing method in real-time Ethernet based networks with parallel packet transmission are outlined and compared to today's automotive bus system simulation approaches. Furthermore, the combination of different model-based testing techniques, that are not used in state-of-the-art commercial tools, are applied for the validation of non-functional timing requirements. An extension to an existing abstract test case model is proposed, which allows modelling temporal attributes. It is simultaneously used as simulation model to drive the residual bus simulation. We demonstrate the approach's feasibility by implementing a prototype residual bus simulator for real-time Ethernet networks and applying it to an example application.

Johannes Braunagel und Hojat Zarif
Blockheizkraftwerke mit Wärmespeichern im stromgeführten Betrieb - Betrachtung zu einer optimalen Dimensionierung
Zukünftige Stromnetze für erneuerbare Energien, Berlin

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