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Linda Cording und Susanne Busch
Ärztinnen und Ärzte als Vermittler nicht-medizinischer Hilfe und Unterstützung in der ambulanten Versorgung von Menschen mit Demenz? – Ergebnisse einer Befragung
DAS GEsundheitswesen,
April 2016

Marker: WS-PM

Dominik Charousset, Raphael Hiesgen und Thomas C. Schmidt
Revisiting Actor Programming in C++
Computer Languages, Systems & Structures, 45:105--131

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: The actor model of computation has gained significant popularity over the last decade. Its high level of abstraction makes it appealing for concurrent applications in parallel and distributed systems. However, designing a real-world actor framework that subsumes full scalability, strong reliability, and high resource efficiency requires many conceptual and algorithmic additives to the original model. In this paper, we report on designing and building CAF, the C++ Actor Framework. CAF targets at providing a concurrent and distributed native environment for scaling up to very large, high-performance applications, and equally well down to small constrained systems. We present the key specifications and design concepts---in particular a message-transparent architecture, type-safe message interfaces, and pattern matching facilities---that make native actors a viable approach for many robust, elastic, and highly distributed developments. We demonstrate the feasibility of CAF in three scenarios: first for elastic, upscaling environments, second for including heterogeneous hardware like GPUs, and third for distributed runtime systems. Extensive performance evaluations indicate ideal runtime behavior for up to 64 cores at very low memory footprint, or in the presence of GPUs. In these tests, CAF continuously outperforms the competing actor environments Erlang, Charm++, SalsaLite, Scala, ActorFoundry, and even the raw message passing framework OpenMPI.

G.J. Suess, U. Bohlen, E.A. Carlson, G. Spangler und M. Frumentia Maier
Effectiveness of attachment based STEEP intervention in a German high risk sample (
Attachment & Human Development,

Marker: W&S

J. Sansaoni, G. McCarthy, U. Gaidys, M. Arola, D. Deimante-Hartane, E. Corvo, S. Auer, C. Petersen-Ewert, AR. Marucci, W. De Care und A. Coffey
Measuring students perception and validation of questionnaires.
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 72(1):50

Marker: WS

Walter Leal Filho, A. Disterheft, S. Caeiro und U. Azeiteiro
The INDICARE-model – measuring and caring about participation in higher education’s sustainability assessment
Ecological Indicators 63, :172–186

Marker: LS

L. Cording, A. Boettcher, K. Käuper und S. Busch
Think outside the box - Interprofessional collaboration starts in the mind of teachers
International Journal of Health Professional, 3(1):29-36

Marker: WS

Thomas Strasser, Filip Pröstl Andrén, Georg Lauss, Roland Bründlinger, Helfried Brunner, Cyndi Moyo, Christian Seitl, Sebastian Rohjans, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Peter Palensky, Panos Kotsampopoulos, Nikos Hatziargyriou, Gunter Arnold, Wolfram Heckmann, Erik Jong, Maurizio Verga, Giorgio Franchioni, Luciano Martini, Anna Kosek, Oliver Gehrke, Henrik Bindner, Federico Coffele, Graeme Burt, Mihai Calin und Emilio Rodriguez-Seco
Towards holistic power distribution system validation and testing - an overview and discussion of different possibilities
e&i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, (12/2016)

Marker: TI-IE

L. Cording, A. Boettcher, K. Käuper und S. Busch
Where there's a will there is a way! - Einstellungen und Wahrnehmungen zum interprofessionellen Lernen und Zusammenarbeiten von Studierenden mit Berufserfahrung in einem Gesundheitsberuf
DAS Gesundheitswesen, 78:586

Marker: WS


Simon Ressel, Simon Fischer, Antonio Chica, Thomas Flower und Thorsten Struckmann
A tubular vanadium/air redox flow cell: fabrication and first experimental results
The International Flow Battery Forum
7.6.-9.6. 2016
IFBF (Hrsg.) The International Flow Battery Forum 2016, Karlsruhe, Germany - Conference Papers , Seite 134-135.

Marker: TI-MP

Raphael Hiesgen, Dominik Charousset und Thomas C. Schmidt
Reconsidering Reliability in Distributed Actor Systems
Proc. of the 7th ACM SIGPLAN Conf. on Systems, Programming, and Applications (SPLASH '16), Poster Session , Seite 31--32.
Verlag: ACM, New York, NY, USA

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: Frameworks inspired by the actor model have recently attracted much attention. Actor systems promise transparent concurrency and distribution by combining message passing with a strong failure model. In this work, we re-examine distribution transparency and find that reliability breaks the promise in several dimensions. Solutions for regaining awareness of failures are briefly discussed.

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