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Jürgen Lorenz, M. Hensel, M. Stuhr, D. Geppert, JF. Kersten und T. Kerner
Relationship between ambient temperature and frequency and severity of cardiovascular emergencies: A prospective observational study based on out-of-hospital care data.
International journal of cardiology 228, :553-557
8 November 2016

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Ulrich Stein
Objektorientierte Programmierung mit MATLAB
Informatik Aktuell,
25 Oktober 2016

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Walter Leal Filho, B. R. Regmi und C. Star
An Overview of the Opportunities and Challenges of Promoting Climate Change Adaptation at the Local Level: A Case Study from a Community Adaptation Planning in Nepal
Climatic Change Volume 138, :537–550
Oktober 2016

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Walter Leal Filho, C. Shiel und A. Paco
Implementing and operationalising integrative approaches to sustainability in higher education: the role of project-oriented learning
Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 133, :126-135
Oktober 2016

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Karan Bikkannavar und Dieter Scholz
Investigation and Design of a C-Wing Passenger Aircraft
INCAS BULLETIN, 8(2):25 – 40
Juni 2016
ISSN: 2066 – 8201

Schlüsselwörter: C-Wing, aspect ratio, induced drag factor, vortex lattice method, Oswald factor

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Zusammenfassung: A novel nonplanar wing concept called C-Wing is studied and implemented on a commercial aircraft to reduce induced drag which has a significant effect on fuel consumption. A preliminary sizing method which employs an optimization algorithm is utilized. The Airbus A320 aircraft is used as a reference aircraft to evaluate design parameters and to investigate the C-Wing design potential beyond current wing tip designs. An increase in aspect ratio due to wing area reduction at 36m span results in a reduction of required fuel mass by 16%. Also take-off mass savings were obtained for the aircraft with C-Wing configuration. The effect of a variations of height to span ratio (h/b) of C-Wings on induced drag factor k, is formulated from a vortex lattice method and literature based equations. Finally the DOC costing methods used by the Association of European Airlines (AEA) was applied to the existing A320 aircraft and to the C-Wing configuration obtaining a reduction of 6% in Direct Operating Costs (DOC) for the novel concept. From overall outcomes, the C-Wing concept suggests interesting aerodynamic efficiency and stability benefits.

Mike Gerdes, Diego Galar und Dieter Scholz
Effects of condition-based maintenance on costs caused by unscheduled maintenance of aircraft
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, 22(4):394-417
28 Mai 2016
ISSN: 1355-2511

Schlüsselwörter: Aircraft delays, Condition monitoring, Maintenance costs

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Zusammenfassung: Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effects of condition-based maintenance based on unscheduled maintenance delays that were caused by ATA chapter 21 (air conditioning). The goal is to show the introduction of condition monitoring in aircraft systems. --- Design/methodology/approach: The research was done using the Airbus In-Service database to analyze the delay causes, delay length and to check if they are easy to detect via condition monitoring or not. These results were then combined with delay costs. --- Findings: Analysis shows that about 80 percent of the maintenance actions that cause departure delays can be prevented when additional sensors are introduced. With already existing sensors it is possible to avoid about 20 percent of the delay causing maintenance actions. --- Research limitations/implications: The research is limited on the data of the Airbus in-service database and on ATA chapter 21 (air conditioning). --- Practical implications: The research shows that delays can be prevented by using existing sensors in the air conditioning system for condition monitoring. More delays can be prevented by installing new sensors. --- Originality/value: The research focuses on the effect of the air conditioning system of an aircraft on the delay effects and the impact of condition monitoring on delays.

Bernd Baumann, Jörg Schwieger, Marcus Wolff, Freddy Manders und Jos Suijker
Nonlinear behavior in high-intensity discharge lamps
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49(25)
19 Mai 2016

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F. Kording, J. Yamamura, G. Lund, F. Ueberle, C. Jung, G. Adam und B. Schoennagel
Doppler Ultrasound Triggering for Cardiovascular MRI iat 3 Tesla in a Healthy Volunteer Study
MRMS-2015-0104-R2 Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences,
21 März 2016

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Frauke Schade und Sarah Martinek
Innovative Beiträge zur digitalen Transformation. Interview.
14 März 2016

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C. Adis, W. Frerichs, P. Hahlweg, E. Müller und I. Scholl
Shared Decision-Making in Oncology – A Qualitative Analysis of Healthcare Providers’ Views on Current Practice
Plos One,
11 März 2016
DOI: 10.1371

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