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Walter Leal Filho, A. Q. Al-Amin, N. M. Habib und A. H. Chowdhury
Assessing climate change mitigation proposals for Malaysia: Implications for emissions and abatement costs
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol 167, :163-173
20 November 2017

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Walter Leal Filho, A. B. L. de Sousa Jabbour, S. A. Verderio Junior, C. J. C. Jabbour, L. S. Campos und Rosani de Castro
Toward greener supply chains: is there a role for the new ISO 50001 approach to energy and carbon management?
Energy Efficiency, Volume 10, Issue 3, :777-785
Juni 2017

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Felix Langfeldt, Hannes Kemsies, Wolfgang Gleine und Otto von Estorff
Perforated membrane-type acoustic metamaterials
Physics Letters A, 381(16):1457-1462
25 April 2017

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Simon Ressel, Armin Laube, Simon Fischer, Antonio Chica Lara, Thomas Flower und Thorsten Struckmann
Performance of a vanadium redox flow battery with tubular cell design
Journal of Power Sources, 355:199-205
19 April 2017

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Ulfia A. Lenfers, Rainer Brüggemann und Thomas Clemen
Exploring survival strategies of African Savanna trees by partial ordering techniques
Ecological Informatics, 42:14--23
ISSN: 15749541

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Zusammenfassung: The resilience of savanna ecosystems to climate and land-use changes is an important ecological and management question. The term ‘resilience' is used to refer to the ability of a tree species to survive in a specific location, even under changing environmental conditions. In this study, vectors of functional traits of selected savanna tree species are studied by applying partial order algorithms to them. Some ecological interpretations are obtained and are compared to published research. One finding is the high rates of nitrogen fixation for the leaves of Acacia nigrescens. In opposition to this well-known fact, we discovered that Sclerocarya birrea has a bigger average leaf area than the other four tree species. Additionally, we found high carbonate values within the leaf from Colophospermum mopane, Combretum apiculatum, and Terminalis sericea. These results correspond to different ecological strategies for the tree species in question. It became obvious that geometric structures gained from partial ordering show a very good correspondence to ecological strategies of these tree species. Concepts of partial order theory may therefore be helpful in ecosystem research.

C. Behnert und Dirk Lewandowski
A Framework for Designing Retrieval Effectiveness Studies of Library Information Systems Using Human Relevance Assessments
Journal of Documentation 73 (2017) 3, :509-527

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Marcus Wolff und A. Loh
Absorption cross sections of 13C ethane and propane isotopologues in the 3 µm region
JQSRT, 203, :517-521

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Jürgen Lorenz, M. Hauck, S. Schröder und G. Meyer-Hamme
Acupuncture analgesia involves modulation of pain-induced gamma oscillations and cortical network connectivity
Scientific reports 7,

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Dirk Lewandowski, Friederike Kerkmann, S. Rümmele und S. Sünkler
An Empirical Investigation on Search Engine Ad Disclosure
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 69 (3), :420-437

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Walter Leal Filho, L. Echevarria Icaza, V. Omenche und A. Q. Al-Amin
An Evidence-Based Review of Impacts, Strategies and Tools to Mitigate Urban Heat Islands
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 Dec 19;14(12). pii: E1600,

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