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Emmanuel Baccelli, Cenk Gündogan, Oliver Hahm, Peter Kietzmann, Martine Lenders, Hauke Petersen, Kaspar Schleiser, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
RIOT: an Open Source Operating System for Low-end Embedded Devices in the IoT
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 5(6):4428--4440
Dezember 2018

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: As the Internet of Things (IoT) emerges, compact operating systems are required on low-end devices to ease development and portability of IoT applications. RIOT is a prominent free and open source operating system in this space. In this paper, we provide the first comprehensive overview of RIOT. We cover the key components of interest to potential developers and users: the kernel, hardware abstraction, and software modularity, both conceptually and in practice for various example configurations. We explain operational aspects like system boot-up, timers, power management, and the use of networking. Finally, the relevant APIs as exposed by the operating system are discussed along with the larger ecosystem around RIOT, including development and open source community aspects.

Jörg Andrä, Falk Beyer, Gesine Cornelissen, Jörn Einfeldt, Jens Heseding, Klaus Kümmerer, Kim Oelkers und Carolin Floeter
PharmCycle: a holistic approach to reduce the contamination of the aquatic environment with antibiotics by developing sustainable antibiotics, improving the environmental risk assessment of antibiotics, and reducing the discharges of antibiotics in the wastewater outlet
Environmental Sciences Europe, 30
9 Juli 2018

Marker: LS-Bt

Tobias Held
Entwicklung von nachhaltigen Produktentwicklungspartnerschaften bei deutschen Gießereien – Eine empirische Trendstudie
Gießerei, (06/2018):S. 90-95
Juni 2018

Marker: TI-M&P

Simon Ressel, Lucas Holtz, Niclas Janshen, Florian Bill, Antonio Chica, Thomas Flower, Claudia Weidlich und Thorsten Struckmann
State of charge monitoring of vanadium redox flow batteries using half cell potentials and electrolyte density
Journal of Power Sources, 378:776-783
28 Februar 2018

Marker: TI-MP

Joachim Westenhoefer, Robert von Katzler, Hans-Joachim Jensen, Birgit-Christiane Zyriax, Bettina Jagemann, Volker Hardt und Marcus Oldenburg
Cultural differences in food and shape related attitudes and eating behavior are associated with differences of Body Mass Index in the same food environment: cross-sectional results from the Seafarer Nutrition Study of Kiribati and European seafarers on merchant ships
BMC Obesity, 5:1
24 Januar 2018

Schlüsselwörter: Obesity, Pacific islanders, Body shape, Eating behavior, Disinhibition, Seafarer

Marker: LS-GW

Birgit-Christiane Zyriax, Robert von Katzler, Bettina Jagemann, Joachim Westenhoefer, Hans-Joachim Jensen, Volker Harth und Marcus Oldenburg
Food offerings on board and dietary intake of European and Kiribati seafarers - Cross-sectional data from the Seafarer Nutrition Study
Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology, 13:9

Marker: LS-GW

Walter Leal Filho, E. A. Morgan, E. Godoy, U. M. Azeiteiro, P. Bacelar-Nicolau, L. A. Veiga, C. Mac-Lean und J. Hugé
Implementing climate change research at universities: Barriers, potential and actions
Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 170, :269-277

Marker: LS

Janine Topp, Joachim Westenhöfer, Isabelle Scholl und Pola Hahlweg
Shared decision-making in physical therapy: a cross-sectional study on physiotherapists' knowledge, attitudes and self-reported use
Patient Education and Counseling, 10:346-351

Schlüsselwörter: Shared decision making; Patient-centered care; Communication; Physical therapy; Health services research; Online survey

Marker: LS-GW

Zusammenfassung: Objective: This study aimed a) to investigate knowledge, attitudes, and self-reported use of shared decision-making (SDM) among physiotherapists in Germany, b) to explore their association with demographic characteristics, and c) to assess barriers to the implementation of SDM. Methods: We assessed above mentioned domains using an online survey. Two-level logistic regression models were used to examine factors associated with knowledge, attitudes and self-reported use of SDM. Results: 60.5% of a total sample of 357 participants reported to have had no knowledge on SDM before participating in the survey. Attitudes towards SDM were mostly positive, half of all participants expressed a preference for SDM. About two thirds of all participants reported to use a rather paternalistic approach in routine care. Knowledge, attitudes, and self-reported use of SDM were associated with several demographic characteristics. Conclusion: SDM was perceived as an appropriate concept in physiotherapy. However, missing knowledge and limited self-reported use of SDM in routine care on the one hand and positive attitudes towards SDM on the other hand indicate a need for action. Practice implications: In order to emphasize the use of SDM in physiotherapy efforts need to be undertaken in research, clinical practice and health policy.

Frank Hörmann
Sicherheitskultur in der Notaufnahme
PflegenIntensiv 01(15), :8

Marker: LS

Rune Bahlo, Andrew Hursthouse, Anika Sievers und Thomas Willner
Unexplored Areas of Direct Solvolytic Liquefaction of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Chemie Ingenieur Technik, (90 (1-2)):47-55

Marker: LS-VT

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