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Markus Linke und Karin Landenfeld
Competence-based Learning in Engineering Mechanics in an Adaptive Online-Learning Environment
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA, 38(3):146-153
September 2019

Schlüsselwörter: FF-ELFE Kompetenzorientierte Lehre Technische Mechanik Engineering Mechanics

Marker: TI-F+F

Felix Langfeldt und Wolfgang Gleine
Membrane- and plate-type acoustic metamaterials with elastic unit cell edges
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 453:65-86
4 August 2019

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Lahti Mari, Groen Gunter, Mwape Lonia, Korhonen Joonas und Breet Elsie Breet
Design and Development Process of a Youth Depression Screening m-Health Application for Primary Health Care Workers in South Africa and Zambia: An Overview of the MEGA Project.
Issues in Mental Health Nursing,
21 Juni 2019

Marker: W-S

Markus Linke und Tim Tiedemann
Individuelle Online-Lernwege mit Maschinellen Lernverfahren
DUZ Wissenschaft und Management, 5:42-43
7 Juni 2019
ISSN: 2626-1901

Marker: TI-F+F

Maximilian Otto Heinrich Schutzeichel, Thomas Kletschkowski, Peter Linde und Leif E Asp
Experimental characterization of multifunctional polymer electrolyte coated carbon fibres
Functional Composites and Structures, 1(2)
12 April 2019

Schlüsselwörter: thermo-mechanical testing, structural batteries, material characterization

Marker: TI- F+F

Zusammenfassung: Multifunctional structures like the structural energy storage are investigated for enhanced lightweight design. Polymer electrolyte coated carbon fibres (PeCCF) function as a battery half-cell, combining negative electrode and structural electrolyte of the energy storage. The new material combination results in unknown mechanical and multiphysical effective characteristics. Looking forward to future multifunctional CFRP structures made from PeCCF, an influence of the multiphysical PeCCF properties on the CFRP laminate characteristics is expected. This paper presents experimental work, focusing on the first multiphysical characterization of state of the art PeCCF. Thereby, physical effects like the thermo-mechanical coupling in a temperature domain of 193 K??<T??<??720 K and the temperature induction by resistive heating are characterized. Important finding is a temperature dependent complex modulus of the material compound, which is related to the temperature dependent mechanical behaviour of the polymer coating. In addition, the ability to adapt and to predict the materials temperature, which is influenced by resistive heating, is shown. Furthermore, first indications of durability of the coating after cyclic mechanical loading are presented. In addition, new experimental methods for PeCCF investigation are proposed, e.g. the application of conductive epoxy resin for electrical connections.

Felix Langfeldt, Hannah Hoppen und Wolfgang Gleine
Resonance frequencies and sound absorption of Helmholtz resonators with multiple necks
Applied Acoustics, 145:314-319
Februar 2019

Marker: TI-FF

M. Schröder, J. Lüdtke, E. Fux, Y. Izat, M. Bolten, G. Gloger-Tippelt, G.J. Suess und M. Schmid
Attachment Disorder and Attachment Theory - two sides of one medal or two different coins
Comprehensive Psychiatry,

Schlüsselwörter: Attachment Disorder, Attachment Quality

Michael F. Aktas, Anja Mähler, Michael Hamm, Gabriele Perger, Frank Simon, Joachim Westenhöfer, Friedrich C. Luft und Michael Boschmann
Lifestyle interventions in Muslim patients with metabolic syndrome-a feasibility study
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 75(5):805-808

Marker: LS-GW

Zusammenfassung: Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes mellitus are common in Muslim patients living in Germany, most of whom are of Turkish origin. Lifestyle interventions must be tailored to religion and ethnicity. We tested the body weight-reducing effect of a 30% calorie-reduced intake diet, adjusted to individual energy expenditure, eating habits, and food preferences in a Turkish-background cohort. Eighty subjects were randomized to activity advice only or to a step-count device to monitor and document physical activity before and after the 12-week intervention. Fifty-three patients completed the study. Lifestyle interventions were effective in these Muslim subjects. Body weight was reduced by 6%; activity monitoring provided a modestly increased effect to 8%. Blood glucose, HbA1c, triglycerides and cholesterol improved also substantially. Subjects receiving metformin could reduce their dosage. Our data show that Muslim Turkish patients respond to interventions if these are tailored to their needs.

Christian Berger, Mari Bieri, Karen Bradshaw, Christian Brümmer, Thomas Clemen, Thomas Hickler, Werner Leo Kutsch, Ulfia A Lenfers, Carola Martens, Guy F Midgley, Kanisios Mukwashi und Victor Odipo
Linking scales and disciplines : an interdisciplinary cross-scale approach to supporting climate-relevant ecosystem management
Climatic Change, 156:139-150

Marker: TI-I


Ayla Nawaz, Sven Pfeiffer, Gerwald Lichtenberg und Philipp Rostalski
Fault Detection Method for the SRF Cavities of the European XFEL
15th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis

Marker: LS-MT

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