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Andrä Jörg, Florian Bleibaum, Anselm Sommer, Martin Veit, Björn Rabe, Karl Kunzelmann, Christian Nehls, Wilmar Correa, Thomas Gutsmann, Joachim Grötzinger, Sucharit Bhakdi und Karina Reiss
ADAM10 sheddase activation is controlled by cell membrane asymmetry
Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, 11(11):979-993
12 Februar 2019

Marker: LS-Bt


Ayla Nawaz, Sven Pfeiffer, Gerwald Lichtenberg und Philipp Rostalski
Fault Detection Method for the SRF Cavities of the European XFEL
15th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis

Marker: LS-MT

Christian Modrzynski, Valentin Roscher, Florian Rittweger, AbdulRahman Ghannoum, Patricia Nieva und Karl-Ragmar Riemschneider
Integrated Optical Fibers for Simultaneous Monitoring of the Anode and the Cathode in Lithium Ion Batteries
Montreal, QC, Canada, Palais des Congrès de Montréal
27-30 Oct. 2019
IEEE (Hrsg.) 2019 Conference Proceedings IEEE SENSORS , Seite pp. 1-4.

Schlüsselwörter: monitoring of lithium-ion-batteries battery state fiber optics sensor pouch cell configuration graphite anode material lithium iron phosphate cathode material electrochromic marker additive electrochemical electrode observation

Marker: TI-IuE

Zusammenfassung: We present optical fiber measurements for cell state determination via simultaneous observation of both electrodes of a lithium-ion-battery. The integration of fiber optics is done using commercial electrodes set up in pouch configuration. This system extends the method, shown previously for the graphite anode. Lithium iron phosphate cathodes suffer from poor optical observability due to the addition of carbon black as conductive agent. Hence, carbon black is locally replaced by an electrochromic marker additive. Transmissions through integrated fibers were monitored during battery cycling and results show that the cell state of charge directly influences both transmission signals. Optical data can be utilized as a parameter independent of electrical measurements to estimate the state of charge.

Technische Berichte:

Marcin Nawrocki, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
Uncovering Vulnerable Industrial Control Systems from the Internet Core
Technical Report
Dokument Nummer: arXiv:1901.04411
Open Archive:,
Januar 2019

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: Industrial control systems (ICS) are managed remotely with the help of dedicated protocols that were originally designed to work in walled gardens. Many of these protocols have been adapted to Internet transport and support wide-area communication. ICS now exchange insecure traffic on an inter-domain level, putting at risk not only common critical infrastructure, but also the Internet ecosystem (e.g., DRDoS attacks). In this paper, we uncover unprotected inter-domain ICS traffic at two central Internet vantage points, an IXP and an ISP. This traffic analysis is correlated with data from honeypots and Internet-wide scans to separate industrial from non-industrial ICS traffic. We provide an in-depth view on Internet-wide ICS communication. Our results can be used (1) to create precise filters for potentially harmful non-industrial ICS traffic, and (2) to detect ICS sending unprotected inter-domain ICS traffic, being vulnerable to eavesdropping and traffic manipulation attacks.

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