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Stephan Meyerding, Nicoletta Trajer und Mira Lehberger
What is local food? The case of consumer preferences for local food labeling of tomatoes in Germany
Journal of Cleaner Production, 207:30-43
10 Januar 2019

Marker: LS-Ok

Valentin Roscher, Florian Rittweger und Karl-Ragmar Riemschneider
Electrochromic effect of indium tin oxide in lithium iron phosphate battery cathodes for state of charge determination
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , American Chemical Society Journal, 2019(11 (7)):6900-6906
8 Januar 2019
ISSN: 19448244

Marker: TI-IE

Zusammenfassung: In this article, we discuss the origin of an optical effect in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cathodes, which depends on the electrical charge transferred into the battery. Utilizing indium tin oxide (ITO) as an electrode additive, we were able to observe a change in reflectivity of the cathode during charging and discharging with lithiation and delithiation being clearly visible in the form of lithiation fronts. Further investigations using in situ video microscopy and in situ Raman spectroscopy on test cells with an optical window indicate that ITO additionally acts as an electrochromic marker within the LFP cathode. This enhances the optical effect due to local potentials around the lithiation fronts, which enables the voltage-dependent reflectivity of the ITO to be visible in the LFP cathode. Structural analysis with scanning electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography is presented as well. The observed effect allows for novel battery research methods and for a possible commercial application as a sensor for state-of-charge estimation.

Carolin Mogk und Gunter Groen
Ankommen. Psychosoziale Versorgung junger Menschen mit Fluchterfahrung – Wege und Barrieren aus Sicht der Betroffenen.
standpunkt : sozial, (2019/1):104-107

Marker: W&S

M. Schröder, J. Lüdtke, E. Fux, Y. Izat, M. Bolten, G. Gloger-Tippelt, G.J. Suess und M. Schmid
Attachment Disorder and Attachment Theory - two sides of one medal or two different coins
Comprehensive Psychiatry,

Schlüsselwörter: Attachment Disorder, Attachment Quality

Gunter Groen und Astrid Jörns-Presentati
Darf es noch etwas mehr sein? Die ambulante Kinder- und Jugendpsychotherapie und -psychiatrie und die Zusammenarbeit mit der Jugendhilfe.
Jugendhilfe, 5(57):497-505

Marker: W&S

Astrid Jörns-Presentati und Gunter Groen
Die Lücke schließen. Zur kooperativen Versorgung belasteter junger Menschen zwischen Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und Kinder- und Jugendhilfe.
Sozialpsychiatrische Informationen, 49(3):13-17

Marker: W-S

R. Von Katzler, B.C. Zyriax, B. Jagemann, J. Westenhöfer, H.J. Jensen, V. Hardt und M. Oldenburg
Lifestyle behaviour and prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors - a pilot study comparing comparison between Kiribati and European seafarers.
BMC Public Health, 19:855

Marker: LS-GW

Michael F. Aktas, Anja Mähler, Michael Hamm, Gabriele Perger, Frank Simon, Joachim Westenhöfer, Friedrich C. Luft und Michael Boschmann
Lifestyle interventions in Muslim patients with metabolic syndrome-a feasibility study
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 75(5):805-808

Marker: LS-GW

Zusammenfassung: Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes mellitus are common in Muslim patients living in Germany, most of whom are of Turkish origin. Lifestyle interventions must be tailored to religion and ethnicity. We tested the body weight-reducing effect of a 30% calorie-reduced intake diet, adjusted to individual energy expenditure, eating habits, and food preferences in a Turkish-background cohort. Eighty subjects were randomized to activity advice only or to a step-count device to monitor and document physical activity before and after the 12-week intervention. Fifty-three patients completed the study. Lifestyle interventions were effective in these Muslim subjects. Body weight was reduced by 6%; activity monitoring provided a modestly increased effect to 8%. Blood glucose, HbA1c, triglycerides and cholesterol improved also substantially. Subjects receiving metformin could reduce their dosage. Our data show that Muslim Turkish patients respond to interventions if these are tailored to their needs.

Christian Berger, Mari Bieri, Karen Bradshaw, Christian Brümmer, Thomas Clemen, Thomas Hickler, Werner Leo Kutsch, Ulfia A Lenfers, Carola Martens, Guy F Midgley, Kanisios Mukwashi und Victor Odipo
Linking scales and disciplines : an interdisciplinary cross-scale approach to supporting climate-relevant ecosystem management
Climatic Change, 156:139-150

Marker: TI-I

P. Buczek, S. Thomas, A. Marmodoro, N. Buczek, X. Zubizarreta, M. Hoffmann, K. Zakeri und A. Ernst
Magnons in nonstoichiometric low-dimensional magnets
Psi-k Highlight, 7:1-

Marker: TI-IE

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