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Dieter Scholz
Publishing in “Aircraft Design” with a Continuous Open Access Special Issue
Aerospace, 7(1):5
14 Januar 2020
ISSN: 2226-4310

Schlüsselwörter: aerospace; aviation; aeronautics; airplanes; aircraft; design; publishing; open access; special issue; MDPI; permalink; archive

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Zusammenfassung: The article looks at publishing options in the field of aircraft design to find that no dedicated journal on aircraft design exists. For this reason, a Continuous Special Issue Aircraft Design of the well established journal “Aerospace” at the Open Access publisher MDPI is started. Often special issues of a journal are introduced for “hot topics”. Here, the subset “special issue” is used for a scientific domain – in this case “aircraft design”. Recurring single special issues are numbered in sequence and are identified by the year of the deadline for manuscript submissions. This allows for the delivery of several single special issues over time in a row without the need to define a publishing schedule up front. Together these single issues form the Continuous Special Issue Aircraft Design and offer a new publishing home for the aircraft design community.

Kai Kruppa und Gerwald Lichtenberg
A Heating Systems Application of Feedback Linearization for MTI Systems in a Tensor Framework
Springer International Publishing, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing(947):126-152

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Said Ali El-Busaidy, Bernd Baumann, Marcus Wolff und Lars Duggen
Modelling of open photoacoustic resonators
Photoacoustics, 18

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Zusammenfassung: Photoacoustic spectroscopy employs acoustic resonators for signal amplification. Resonators are usually closed, however, in some applications, open resonators are preferred. The opening deteriorates the photoacoustic signal hence reducing the sensitivity of the photoacoustic measurement. We present two new approaches for simulating the photoacoustic signal in open resonators using finite element modelling. The approaches are based on the amplitude mode expansion model and the viscothermal model with the opening modelled using perfectly matched layers and the boundary element method respectively. Additionally, the performance of the viscothermal model using perfectly matched layers for simulating open resonators is extended to the ultrasound region. The simulation results are verified by comparing them to photoacoustic measurements. The approaches provide an accurate basis for designing and optimizing open resonators with high sensitivity.


Sean Cooper, Georg Rieger und Gerwald Lichtenberg
Exam Grades That Support Students’ Self-Regulated Learning
6th International STEM in Education Conference

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Gerwald Lichtenberg
Machine Learning Seminar on Tensor Methods for Multilinear Models
Loughbourogh University
27 Januar 2020

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