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Ayla Nawaz, Sven Pfeiffer, Gerwald Lichtenberg und Philipp Rostalski
Fault Detection Method for the SRF Cavities of the European XFEL
15th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis

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Marcin Nawrocki, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
Uncovering Vulnerable Industrial Control Systems from the Internet Core
Technical Report
Dokument Nummer: arXiv:1901.04411
Open Archive:,
Januar 2019

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: Industrial control systems (ICS) are managed remotely with the help of dedicated protocols that were originally designed to work in walled gardens. Many of these protocols have been adapted to Internet transport and support wide-area communication. ICS now exchange insecure traffic on an inter-domain level, putting at risk not only common critical infrastructure, but also the Internet ecosystem (e.g., DRDoS attacks). In this paper, we uncover unprotected inter-domain ICS traffic at two central Internet vantage points, an IXP and an ISP. This traffic analysis is correlated with data from honeypots and Internet-wide scans to separate industrial from non-industrial ICS traffic. We provide an in-depth view on Internet-wide ICS communication. Our results can be used (1) to create precise filters for potentially harmful non-industrial ICS traffic, and (2) to detect ICS sending unprotected inter-domain ICS traffic, being vulnerable to eavesdropping and traffic manipulation attacks.



Barbara König, Dennis Nolte, Julia Padberg und Arend Rensink
A Tutorial on Graph Transformation
Reiko Heckel; Gabriele Taentzer (Hrsg.) Graph Transformation, Specifications, and Nets - In Memory of Hartmut Ehrig
Seite 83-104.
Verlag: Springer,

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Birgit Koeppen, Anna Kerstin Usbeck, Mamadou Lamine Ndiaye und Amadou Ndiaye
Investigation of Balancing Power Demand in the Roll-out Scenario of Solar Energy in Senegal
Solar Integration Workshop 2018
16.-17. Oktober 2018
Energynautics (Hrsg.) Proceedings of the 8th Solar Integration Workshop – International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems

Marker: TI-MP

Matthias Nitsche und Marina Tropmann-Frick
Context and Embeddings in Language Modelling - an Exploration
Selected Papers of the {XX} International Conference on Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains {(DAMDID/RCDL} 2018), Moscow, Russia, October 9-12, 2018

Marker: TI - I

Quirin Scheitle, Oliver Gasser, Theodor Nolte, Johanna Amann, Lexi Brent, Georg Carle, Ralph Holz, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
The Rise of Certificate Transparency and Its Implications on the Internet Ecosystem
Internet Measurement Conference - IMC
Boston, MA
Proc. of ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC 2018) , Seite 343--349.
Association of the Computing Machinery
Verlag: ACM Digital Library, New York, NY, USA

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: In this paper, we analyze the evolution of Certificate Transparency (CT) over time and explore the implications of exposing certificate DNS names from the perspective of security and privacy. We find that certificates in CT logs have seen exponential growth. Website support for CT has also constantly increased, with now a majority of established connections supporting CT. With the increasing deployment of CT, there are also concerns of information leakage due to all certificates being visible in CT logs. To understand this threat, we introduce a CT honeypot and show that data from CT logs is being used to identify targets for scanning campaigns only minutes after certificate issuance. We present and evaluate a methodology to learn and validate new subdomains from the vast number of domains extracted from CT logged certificates.

Nico Hinze, Marcin Nawrocki, Mattijs Jonker, Alberto Dainotti, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
On the Potential of BGP Flowspec for DDoS Mitigation at Two Sources: ISP and IXP
Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM. Poster Session , Seite 57--59.
Association of the Computing Machinery
Verlag: ACM Digital Library, New York, NY, USA

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: In this poster, we analyze Denial of Service attacks from two vantage points, a national Internet Service Provider and a large regional Internet Exchange Point. Our results reveal that common mitigation techniques (i.e., blackholing) can be outperformed by more fine grained filtering (i.e., BGP Flowspec) without increasing complexity.

Ayla Nawaz, Sven Pfeiffer, Gerwald Lichtenberg und Philipp Rostalski
Anomaly Detection for the European XFEL using a Nonlinear Parity Space Method
10th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes

Marker: LS-MT

Ayla Nawaz, Sven Pfeiffer, Gerwald Lichtenberg und Philipp Rostalski
Anomaly Detection for Cavity Signals - Results from the European XFEL
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference

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Walter Leal Filho, D. Nzengya, G. Muasya und J. Wanzuu
Climate change responses among the Maasai Community in Kenya
Climatic Change Volume 145 (Issue 1-2), :71-83

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