Digitalisation in research and transfer

As a university we actively support the digital cultural transformation in research and the development of open science. Digitalisation is leading to a fundamental shift in research processes in all disciplines and in academic publishing. It is also opening up new possibilities for addressing the phenomenon of digitalisation. This is why we at HAW Hamburg focus particularly on the following two dimensions of digitalisation in research and transfer.

  • Dimension 1 – Digitalisation in research: Digitalisation as the research subject
  • Dimension 2 – Digitalisation in support of research: Provision and use of digital infrastructure

In order to utilise the potential of digitalisation in and for research, HAW Hamburg is pursuing the following goals:

1. Digitalisation in research

HAW Hamburg aims to increase the prominence of digitalisation as a research topic. Interdisciplinary research projects in the area of digitalisation will receive special and targeted support.

2. Digitalisation in support of research


HAW Hamburg is working to enhance the digital research infrastructure and its use. To this end, it is building on existing developments and university-wide projects – for example, Hamburg Open Science (HOS).

If you have questions or would like more information about our strategic direction, please contact:

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