Digitalisation in teaching and study

HAW Hamburg utilises the potential of digitalisation for teaching and study. As a university, we promote the education of students in preparation for a digitalised working and living environment. We support our students in acquiring both digital skills and the competencies necessary for the digital transformation. Our teaching covers digitialisation-related issues and content. Additionally, HAW Hamburg uses digital tools to enhance teaching and study – for example, online teaching and learning materials, media and tools, as well as the combination of online and on-site teaching and study phases.


To utilise the potential of digitalisation for teaching and study, HAW Hamburg pursues the following goals:

1. Digitalisation strategy for teaching and study

HAW Hamburg aims to integrate established and new offers and developments. As part of a holistic digitalisation strategy for teaching and study, the university emphasises the training of students for a digitalised work and living environment (content and skills) and is continuing to improve teaching and study through digitalisation (tools, formats, scenarios).

2. WHAT – Education for a digitalised work and living environment

HAW Hamburg strives to develop and strengthen the focus on digitalisation as a subject and as content, and to anchor the acquisition of subject-specific and interdisciplinary digital competencies in the curricula (e.g. media and information skills, data and digital literacy).

3. HOW – Digitalisation to improve teaching and study

To promote skills acquisition and engagement with content, HAW Hamburg focuses on the targeted development of and support for the adequate use of various formats and scenarios (e.g. blended learning, digital information resources) and tools (e.g. electronic examination systems) based on the existing offers and experience.

These goals are implemented via various measures, activities and projects. If you would like to know more, please see the other pages in this section.


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