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Application Process

(some particular criteria or dates may apply - see your personal checklist for your application)

15. July 2017End of Application period
From 23. July 2017HAW send emails to confirmed applicant.
In case I have been admitted I can download the approval (see above).
I want to accept, written acceptance and all required documents must be returned
to HAW Hamburg. Do not forget to pay the semester contribution in time. In case
documents are complete and on time, I receive within a short time my student ID and
further papers.
Mid August 2017 until start of lecturesHAW send emails to applicants that were admitted by waitlist.
If I am admitted by waitlist I can download the approval now (see above).
End August 2017HAW send emails to denied applicant.
In case my application has not been approved I can download the
“Ablehnungsbescheid” (see above).
Note: Application documents of denied applicants are destroyed at the end of semester.
Until 31. August 2017If I want to cancel my enrolment, contribution less a charge of € 50,- will be paid
back only in case, all papers were sent back to the HAW till now.

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