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Hollywood is on its doorstep (Steven Spielberg is an alumnus) and faculty members have excellent practical expertise in writing, directing and producing films. The HAW Hamburg works closely with faculty members of the Department of Film & Electronic Arts: Kent Hayward (filmmaker, writer & director) as well as lecturers Bonnie Blackburn (screenwriter), Kevin O'Brien (cinematographer) and W. Reed Moran (screenwriter). Together with Professor Wolfgang Willaschek they have produced several international film and media workshops in Hamburg and Long Beach and are planning more film projects.

Bachelor courses in Film 
Courses in Long Beach have been matched for credit (Anrechnung) in Hamburg (see list). If you have questions, please speak to Prof. Wolfgang Willaschek.

Art & Design

HAW Hamburg students from the Department of Design can take classes at the School of Art or in the Department of Design at CSULB. The School of Art focuses on Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture, while the Department of Design offers courses in interior design, industrial design and general design. The College of Health & Human Services has courses in Fashion Merchandising & Design.

Bachelor courses in Art & Design:

Lower/Upper Division courses in Design
Lower/Upper Division courses in Art
Lower/Upper Division courses in Art History
Fashion Merchandising & Design

International Business

The cooperation with CSULB and the HAW Hamburg Department of Business goes back to 1998. Today Prof. Dr. Natalia Ribberink still offers the very successful International Business Workshops in collaboration with CSULB colleagues in Long Beach and Hamburg. Studying a semester abroad students can take classes in the CSULB College of Business Administration in Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, Finance, Accountancy and Information Systems and live and study in another international port city.

Bachelor (Lower & Upper Division) courses at the College of Business Administration

Food Science, Nutrition & Health Science

The HAW Hamburg and CSULB have been collaborating since 2014 and offer a Summer and Winter School in Health each year in Hamburg with Professor Erly and students from Long Beach.  In the College of Health & Human Services at CSULB HAW Hamburg students can take study abroad and take classes in Food Science, Nutrition or Health Science. If you have questions, you can speak to Prof. Dr. Christine Färber or Claudia Duwe.

Bachelor courses:

Upper Division courses in Food Science
Upper Division courses in Health Science
Upper Division courses in Nutrition & Dietetics

Social Work

Hamburg students can take undergraduate classes in the Department of Social Work:
List of undergraduate social work courses

Bachelor and Master students can apply to Long Beach. Master students cannot take CSULB Master classes but can only take Level 4 Senior Bachelor classes. Please speak with Prof. Daniela Ulber regarding your choice of classes in Long Beach and having class credit transferred back to Hamburg.

Life in Long Beach & at CSULB

Long Beach is located 30 minutes from Los Angeles, has a population of 470,000 and is the United States' second busiest container port and one of the world's largest shipping ports. Nearby beaches, such as Huntington Beach are ideal places for people who love to surf or hang out at the beach. And that is also the name California State University, Long Beach has given itself. »The Beach« is a campus university on 322 acres with a wide range of sports facilities, outdoor swimming pool and dining facilities. Read the reports from HAW Hamburg students below, who have spent a semester at Long Beach.


Film 2010/1 - Film 2010/2Film 2011 - Film 2012/1 - Film 2012/2 - Film 2012/3 - Film 2013/1 - Film 2013/2 - Film 2013/3 - Film 2013/4 - - Film 2014/1 - Film 2014/2 - Film 2015/1 - Film 2015/2 - Media & Information 2015 - Film 2016/1 - Film 2016/02 - Media Systems 2016/1

 Design 2011 - Design 2011/2 - Design 2012/1 - Design 2012/2 - Design 2012/3 - Design 2012/4 - Design 2012/5 - Design 2013/1 - Design 2013/2 - Design 2013 - Design 2013/3 - Design 2014/1 - Design 2014/2 - Design 2014/3 - Design 2015/1 - Design 2015/2 - Modedesign 2016/1 - Illustration 2016/1 - Kostümdesign 2016/1

Business 2011 - Business 2011/2 - Business 2012/1 - Business 2012/2 - Business 2013 - Business 2014/1 - Business 2014/2 - Business 2015/1 - Business 2015/2 - AIM 2016/1

BABE 2014 - BABE 2015/1 - BABE 2015/2 -

Aeronautical Engineering 2010 - Electrical Engineering 2011 - Computer Science 2013 - Mechanical Engineering 2015/1 - Mechanical Engineering 2015/2 - Electrical Engineering 2015 -

Health 2013 - Biotechnology 2013 - Health 2015/1 - Health 2015/2 - Health 2016/1 - Ökotrophologie 2016/1 - Medizintechnik 2016/1 - Gesundheitswissenschaften 2016/1- Gesundheitswissenschaften 2016/2 - Flugzeugbau 2016/1

Medien und Information 2017/1 Medien und Information 2017/2 Außenwirtschaft/Internationales Management 2017/1 Außenwirtschaft/Internationales Management 2017/2 Kostümdesign 2017/1 Biotechnologie 2017/1 Elektro- und Informationstechnik 2017/1 Ökotrophologie 2017/1 Medientechnik 2017/1 Informations- und Elektrotechnik 2017/1

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California State U, Long Beach

Quick infos:

Location: Long Beach, California
No. of students: 41,000

#7 in Top Public Schools
#116 in Engineering programmes (schools with doctoral programmes)
(U.S. News & World Report 2017)

DAAD Sprachzertifikat
Students should take a language test at Hamburg School of English (mehr)

You can apply to live on campus in a hall of residence, but a lot of students live off-campus, looking for accommodation through Craig's List.
On-Campus housing

Semester dates:
The semester starts around the end of August. Here is the academic calendar for CSULB.

To apply to CSULB you must be nominated by the HAW Hamburg. Application period: November - 6. January (see more information here)
Once you have been nominated, you will be given a link to be able to apply online.