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In which career fields will I work?

Well trained health professionals are needed to meet the growing demand within the changing field of public health. Target groups of the Master of Public Health (MPH) programme are postgraduates, seeking for responsibility and leadership in specialized areas of public health including social, educational and environmental settings. Programme participants will be trained for positions in public administrations, health insurances, hospitals, professional associations, health research and surveillance institutions. Health promotion and prevention, health economics and management are other specialized capacity domains within public health.

What is the content of the degree programme?

The Master of Public Health aims to equip participants with scientific and practical skills to independently conduct research that brings about policy changes and positively affects the health of populations. Its key concept is to preserve and enhance the health, well-being and life expectancy of human populations by integrating scientific knowledge, practical skills and data research analysis to advance public health.

The course comprises of ten modules which focus on the determinants of health and major health problems in a global and interdisciplinary perspective and will provide students with knowledge in conceptualization, planning, implementation and evaluation of public health interventions, study designs and research methods. Students are able to gain a comprehensive understanding in the ethics and in current developments of public health. The programme culminates in the writing of the master thesis. The aim is to formulate and analyse a problem, using a suitable study design and study methods; concepts and methods learned during the programme will be applied.

For students willing to gain practical experience in European public health organisations and to prepare themselves for the European job market a supplementary certificate ‘European Master of Public Health’ (EMPH) is offered.

Further information can be found online:
/studiengaenge/ master-studiengaenge/mph.html

What is particular to the degree programme?
  • Study programme taught in English
  • Intensive, concentrated and effective learning in small groups (max. 24 students)
  • Expert lecturers and researchers with broad international links and experience
  • Flexible study modes and options (full or part time, modular set-up)
  • Opportunity of earning the supplementary certificate “European Master of Public Health”
Are there special requirements for foreign students applicants?
 Foreign applicants should clarify admission requirements, courses of studies, and acceptance of foreign reports and certificates well in advance of coming to Germany, ideally as early as eight months to one year before the intended start of the degree program. Information can be found online: and
How do I apply?
  • 1st December 2015 - 31st March 2016 for the following winter semester starting in September 2016.
  • 1st June 2016 - 30th September 2016 for the following summer semester starting in March 2017.

Online application portal on the university website:

What are the entry requirements?
  • Applicants must possess a first degree either in health sciences/ public health or a similar degree relevant to health sciences, such as, for example, medicine, social sciences, nursing or a degree in a health care profession or a degree in a discipline that is closely related to health sciences such as, for example, economics with at least 2,5 in German equivalent marks and a minimum of 210 ECTS
  • Transcripts or Diploma Supplement
  • Proof of one year of professional experience in public health or qualified scientific work with convincing substantial and methodological relevance to health sciences / public health (attestation of employer)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation (personal statement of understanding of public health and commitment to pursuing a career in public health. Statement should explain the relevance of education and/or experience to pursue a career in public health)
  • Internationally recognized certificate of English language knowledge (CEFR Level C1), such as TOEFL (min. 110/ 270/637), IELTS (min. 6,5), CAE (min. C) etc.
  • Letter of Recommendation from a university professor from the first degree programme (optional)
How long is the degree programme?

The Programme can be studied either full time over 3 semesters or part time over 5 semesters. To attain an additional ‘European Master of Public Health’ certificate which requires internship, duration is extended by one semester.

When do lectures start?
 Lectures start in summer term 2016 (March)
Do I need to complete a pre-study placement?
 You need a proof of at least one year of practical experiences in the field of public health.
Do I have to pay fees?

Yes, you have to pay fees. For the “Master of Public Health” the amount will be 2,400 Euro per fulltime semester (total cost of 7.200 Euro). In the case of the supplementary certificate ‘European Master of Public Health’ extra amount of 500 Euro must be paid (total cost of 7,700 Euro). In addition all students have to pay a general semester contribution of 313.60 Euro including semester ticket allowing unlimited travel on Hamburg's public transport system.

Which degree qualification will I be awarded?

On successful completion of the course students are awarded Master of Public Health (MPH)/ supplementary certificate European Master of Public Health (EMPH).

Who can help me with questions regarding Application and Admission

HAW Master Admissions Office
20099 Hamburg (Campus Berliner Tor)
Stiftstraße 69, 20099 Hamburg

T +49.40.428 75-9155/-9156/-9157
Open office hours: Mo-Tu 11-1 am, Thur 2-5 am
Info Center: Mo-Thur 10-4 am, Fr 10-13 am
Telephone hours: Mo + Tu 9-10 am, Thurs 9-11 am

Hotline +49.40.42875-9898
Mo- Thur 8 - 5 am, Fr 8 - 5 am

... specific questions about the contents of degree programme

MPH Coordination Team
Dipl. Ges.wirtin Wiebke Bendt/ Dipl. Ges.wirt. Gunnar Paetzelt
Department of Health Sciences
Ulmenliet 20
21033 Hamburg
T +49.40.428 75-6319

... general questions about degree programmes

General Student Advisory Team
Stiftstraße 69
D-20099 Hamburg (Campus Berliner Tor)
Tel.: + 49.40.428 75-9110 
Office hours: Mon + Tue 11am - 1pm, Thur 2pm - 5pm
Telephone advisory service: Mon + Tue 10am - 11am, Thur 1pm - 2p

... questions about studying being handicapped/suffering from a chronic desease

Disabilities Representative
Meike Butenob
Alexanderstraße 1, 20099 Hamburg, Room 4.10
Tel. +49.40.428 75-7220
Counselling hours

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