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Global Legal Hackathon 2019 an der HAW Hamburg

Die HAW Hamburg ist einer der Veranstaltungsorte des diesjährigen Global Legal Hackathon. Das Hacker-Event findet vom 22. bis 24. Februar 2019 weltweit an verschiedenen Orten statt. Es bringt unter anderem Vertreter der weltweit größten Anwaltskanzleien, Unternehmen und Tech-Innovatoren zusammen, um die Rechtsbranche mit schnellen technischen Lösungen voranzubringen und die Ausführung und den Zugang zu Rechtsdienstleistungen zu verbessern. (Pressemitteilung in Englisch)

Along with over 50 other locations across 25 countries, spanning six continents the HAW Hamburg was chosen as a host location for the inaugural Global Hackathon based on its commitment to legal innovation both in the private and public sectors. 

“I am really proud, that we have been considered as one of the international hosts and that we are supported by Digital Hub Logistics GmbH and the international law firm TaylorWessing. I like this kind of interdisciplinary competitions not only focusing on the best program, but also fighting for the best concept. Team spirit and mixed teams of jurists, programmers, softwarearchitects, marketeers and moderators are required.

For those who cannot start with a full team or those who are interested as a single participant, we will start the event with a mix and match to build new teams“, said Volker Skwarek, speaker of the research center for digital business processes at HAW Hamburg.

In addition to the HAW Hamburg, other hosts for the inaugural Global Legal Hackathon include major multinational corporations, world-famous universities, innovative non-profit associations, and think tanks. At each location, teams of individuals, many of whom will be meeting and working together for the first time, will spend the weekend ideating and developing tech solutions that impact the practice, business, and delivery of legal services.

About the Global Legal Hackathon

The Global Legal Hackathon engages law schools, law firms and in-house departments, legal technology companies, governments, and service providers to the legal industry – across the globe. It will bring together the best thinkers, doers and practitioners in law in support of a unified vision: rapid development of solutions to improve the legal industry, worldwide.<o:p></o:p>


22. February, 2019 until 24. February, 2019

The scenic venue of the Digital Hub Logistics GmbH in the historic Speicherstadt in Hamburg, St. Annenufer 2, 20457 Hamburg.


Friday, 22. February, 2019

3 pm: local registration at Digital Hub in Hamburg
4 pm: welcome and introduction
4.30 pm: Team Formation/Mix and Mangle
5 pm (mandatory for all participants in Hamburg): Kick-off, rules and safety briefing
6 pm: start hacking

Saturday, 23. February, 2019

Full day hacking

Sunday, 24. February, 2019

3 pm: Pitching to Judging Panel
5 pm (or hopefully earlier): Winning teams announcements




Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Faculty Life Sciences
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Skwarek
Research and Transfer Center „digital business processes“
Research group DLT³-Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 428 75 – 6435

Dr. Katharina Jeorgakopulos
Pressesprecherin und Pressereferentin
T +49 40 428 75 91 32

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