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Internationaler Brand Design Workshop ein großer Erfolg

Die strategische Partnerschaft zwischen Hamburg und Long Beach erhält eine neue Facette: Professoren Sven Vogel und Tor Hovind bieten einen ersten Brand Design Summer Workshop an.

International Brand Design Workshop a huge success

“Lederhosen and beer; burgers and white teeth are not enough”. When you design a brand for an international market you need to go much deeper than the everyday clichés and stereotypes. Since 2016 brand design professors, Sven Vogel (HAW Hamburg) and Tor Hovind (California State University, Long Beach - CSULB) have worked together in Hamburg and Long Beach, teaching the theory of archetypes in brand development. In July this faculty exchange went a step further and started its first “International Brand Design Summer Workshop” at the HAW Hamburg. From 16th – 27th July 2018 twenty-six students from CSULB and twenty students from the HAW Hamburg came together in Hamburg to participate in a two-week comprehensive international brand design block seminar. 

The basis for this project was an internationally relevant brand design brief developed by Sven Vogel and Tor Hovind, consisting of step-by-step research, analysis, creative prototyping and design development modules. The objective for the students was to search for new and relevant opportunities in consumer brand categories that would be focused to a specific target market (such as Gen X or Gen Y) but would also be introduced and differentiated to both the German and the U.S. market, based on national characteristics and insights.

Prior to the start of the summer school, students on both sides of the Atlantic were tasked to research and present the opposite culture based on simple questions: “What does it mean to be a German/an American? What are your expectations from Germany / America?” When the students came together in Hamburg they formed eight intercultural teams of Americans and Germans. In the first week they were tasked to explore the category opportunity and come up with a name, brand position and brand drivers for their chosen category, which they presented at the end of the week. In week two, the students were tasked to design a brand prototype with key communication channels and applications that were relevant to the launch of their brand idea. At the culmination of the project, each team presented a comprehensive brand deck that went through all the key touchpoints and objectives of the brand. 

Tor Hovind and Sven Vogel both agreed: »The student outcomes and team presentations were fantastic and on-point. Beyond that, it was fun to watch students from different sides of the pond collaborating creatively and making life-long friends. The International Brand Design Summer Workshop was a huge success and we look forward to creating an even stronger relationship between our universities as we work towards next year’s summer workshop.« 

(Text: Ingrid Weatherall)

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