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CURRICULUM Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (M.Sc.)

Modules in the first and second year

Biopharmaceutical ProductionPharmaceutical Biochemical Engineering3
Pharmaceutical Biochemical Engineering - Practice3
Purification Techniques 3
Purification Techniques Special Course2
Pharmaceutical TechnologyPharmacology3
Good Manufactoring Practice3
Drug Development and Formulation3
Cell Culture SystemsCell Culture Techniques4
Cell Culture Techniques - Special Course3
Hosts and Expression Systems3
BioanalyticsOff-line and At-line Analytics3
Biochemical Analytics3
Bioprocess AutomationBioprocess Automation 3
Bioprocess Automation - Special Course 4
Process SimulationAnalysis, Modeling and Simulation of Bioprocesses3
Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Bioprocesses- Practice4
Biotechnological ResearchLab Projects in Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Bioprocess Engineering6
Research Seminar1
Master ThesisMaster Thesis30

Additional information

Course performances are to be accomplished predominately in English.

CP: Credit Points of the module or course

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