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Fakultät Technik und Informatik
Department Informations- und Elektrotechnik
Fakultät Technik und Informatik

Qualification Objectives

Graduates of this course of study should possess the following competences:

Qualification Objectives of the Course of Study

Corresponding Modules and/or Module Objectives







Mathematical basics

Mathematics 1 + 2

Basics of software development

SW Construction 1 + 2

Technical and engineering basics

Electrical Engineering 1+2, Signals and Systems 1+2, Electronics 1+2, Digital Circuits

Applications and deepening of knowledge of engineering

Microcontrollers, Digital Systems, Bus Systems and Sensors, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Communication Systems

Applications and deepening of knowledge of computer science

Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Engineering, Databases, operating Systems

Cross-subject content

German, Intercultural Competence, Learning and Study Methods, Economics and Management, Scientific Methods





Skills and abilities for the setting up of mathematical equations and models for the solution of mathematical problems and for the reaching of mathematically logical conclusions

Mathematics 1 + 2

Design and implementation of software for technical systems

SW Construction 1+2, SW Engineering, Algorithms and Data Structures, Operating Systems, Databases

Design and implementation of analogue systems

Electrical Engineering 1+2, Electronics 1+2, Signals and Systems 1, Bus Systems and Sensors

Design and implementation of digital systems

Digital Circuits, Digital Systems, Microcontrollers, Operating Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems 2, Bus Systems and Sensors



Critical analysis, evaluation and creation of solutions from the taught fields

all technical subjects, Scientific and Project Work, Elective Project, Compulsory Project, Bachelor Thesis

Successful activity in the industrial and international team and working environment

Practical Semester, Economics & Management, Intercultural Competence, German, English spoken in lectures, Elective Project, Compulsory Project, Scientific Methods, Bachelor Thesis

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