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Fakultät Wirtschaft und Soziales
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Fakultät Wirtschaft und Soziales

Financial modelling (FM)

The course enables students to develop financial models that support management decisions.

The theoretical framework is based on the principles of modern managerial and financial accounting. Focus will be on financial analysis, integrated planning of financial forecasts as well as on valuation. Technical aspects of spreadsheet modelling will be addressed. Objects to be studied are corporates and projects in the form of foreign direct investments whereby greenfield and brownfield projects will be touched upon. Modelling options and underlying theoretical concepts will be discussed and their impact on model outcome studied.

Topics to be addressed include inter alia discounted cash flow models in the form of the weighted average cost of capital approach, the flow to equity approach and the income approach as well as valuations based on economic value added and cash flow value added. The course is designed to develop an individual approach to economic problems while strengthening technical skill sets.

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