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Fakultät Wirtschaft und Soziales

Multinational enterprises and the global economy (MNEGE)

The course provides an understanding of the development and current position of MNEs in the global economy and focuses on the distinctive features of an MNE and main issues as well as underlying concepts of international business activity involving MNEs and host/home country institutions. The pattern and main determinants of MNE activity based on the revisited OLI paradigm (Dunning, 2008) are analysed.

Further topics to be studied cover an internal and external perspective of MNE activity, inter alia the analysis of internationalisation process of MNE based on the value-added network approach (internal), as well as impact of MNE activity on host/home country economy (external), encompassing dimensions: economic growth, employment and human capital development, technological capacity and innovation potential, balance of payments and the structure of trade, market structure, spillovers and linkages. In addition, emerging market multinationals (EMMs) and their strategic choices are analysed in the context of appropriate case studies.

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