COVID-19 Scientific Research Database on Treatment Options (COVID-TREAT)

COVID-TREAT has been brought to life in order to make information on the literature related to treatment methods and options available to clinical staff handling COVID-19. Many publishers around the world have agreed to grant access to their databases of  health-related articles for the duration of the pandemic. However, this noble gesture overlooks one important detail: clinical staff seldom have time to search for publications.

Covid-Treat Database

Therefore, COVID-TREAT has been developed as a 'one-stop shop' which allows clinical staff, researchers, government authorities and university students (e.g. medicine, biomedicine, pharmacy) to access previously selected 'peer-reviewed' literature on treatment from some of the world's leading journals, in an uncomplicated way.
COVID-TREAT collects, selects, amasses and makes available recent and state-of-the-art literature on COVID-19 treatment from various sources, reporting in particular on emerging methods and proven modalities of treatment accepted by the scientific community. Access is possible via a normal computer, notebook or even smartphone, which means that clinical staff around the world can obtain it.  The information is compiled as simple PDF files. This approach is especially useful to clinical staff in developing countries, whose access to the Internet and to bandwidth is limited.

It should be noted that no recommendations on therapies are given, and these cannot be interpreted as suggestions for handling patients. COVID-TREAT simply provides a gateway to the specialist literature. 
We wish success to all those people and institutions on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19, which is currently threatening millions of people around the world.
The Partner Organisations
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) – Coordination