Shaping society

Join us in shaping the future and finding sustainable solutions to the societal, economic and social questions facing the Hamburg region.

More than 4,000 students study in the four departments and 20 degree courses of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. They acquire the practical skills needed to help identify sustainable solutions to key societal challenges. The diverse subject areas of the four departments include nursing and management, public management, social work, early childhood education and business.

In our eight Bachelor's degree courses and nine Master's degree courses – three of which are continuing professional education Master's degrees – we build on our 50 years of experience in research and practice-based teaching. We offer academics and students a culture of teaching and learning grounded in reseach-based, application-oriented and interdisciplinary learning which makes the interaction of academic study and practice tangible.

The five faculty locations, including the research and transfer centres, are all at the Berliner Tor Campus.

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