Studies and teaching

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences enables individualised and practice-relevant study in small groups.

In our eight Bachelor's degree courses and nine Master's degree courses – three of which are continuing professional education Master's degrees – we build on our 50 years of experience in research and practice-based teaching. We offer academics and students a culture of teaching and learning grounded in reseach-based, application-oriented and interdisciplinary learning which makes the interaction of academic study and practice tangible.

Our students do more than just listen to lectures and attend seminars. They also work in labs and workshops, as well as in companies and practice facilities. Our graduates are optimally prepared for a smooth and successful transition to the professional world.

In our teaching, we emphasise innovative methods of instruction and learning, as well as the use of digital media, without losing sight of didactic questions and issues. Dialogue is important to us, and our ongoing quality development supports us in talking with one another. Lecturers who are also professional practitioners optimally supplement our application-oriented teaching. Three of the degree courses in the Department of Nursing and the Department of Public Education are offered as cooperative degree programmes.

Degree courses Degree courses

Department of Nursing and Management

Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Social and Health Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Department of Public Management

Public Management
Master of Public Management (MPM)

Department of Social Work

Social Work
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Applied Family Sciences
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Social Work
Master of Arts (M.A.)