HaMoNee – Hamburg/Hanoi Mobile Engineers

'HaMoNee – Hamburg/Hanoi Mobile Engineers' is a HAW Hamburg project that promotes student exchange and cooperation between HAW Hamburg and Vietnamese universities, as well as cooperation with partners in industry from both countries.

Through the project, HAW Hamburg aims to support engineering students' and instructors' international mobility, along with their research and application potential. The project is intended to serve as the foundation for developing strategic and long-term partnerships with partners in Vietnam and Asia in general.

With its focus on Vietnam as a high-growth and high-investment production and development location – particularly in the areas of innovative mobility concepts, intelligent urban planning, and interdisciplinary climate and sustainability resarch – the project contributes directly to the international competitiveness of HAW Hamburg's teaching and research, strengthens its internationalisation capacity and ensures the employability of its students.

The HaMoNee project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as part of the HAW.International funding programme, which supports the international competitiveness of applied sciences universities.

Project outline in Vietnamese - Bản dịch Tiếng Việt xem tại đây

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Engel

Jan. 2021–Dec. 2024



Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

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Prof. Dr. Dirk Engel
Professor für mechatronische Systeme in der Fahrwerkstechnik
Department Fahrzeugtechnik und Flugzeugbau
Berliner Tor 5, Room 11.16
20099 Hamburg
T +49 40 428 75-7902
dirk.engel (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de
Svenja Henseleit
Department Fahrzeugtechnik und Flugzeugbau
Stiftstraße 69 (IO)
20099 Hamburg
T +49 40 428 75-9842
svenja.henseleit (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de