Life Sciences transforms findings from the natural sciences into innovative technologies intended to improve people's lives. It brings together the natural sciences, engineering and non-technical disciplines.

The Faculty of Life Sciences is home to degree courses that are directly related to the basic elements of people's lives. The spectrum of subjects ranges from health and nutrition sciences to the natural sciences and engineering. These areas have significant relevance for Hamburg's future.

Biotechnology, environmental protection, nutrition, health, biomedical engineering, process engineering, hazard control and rescue engineering are all areas that directly impact many people and are important to the development of our society. Technology teaches us how to plan, build and operate the necessary machinery and facilities. Industrial engineering addresses those questions that relate to both business management and technology.

The interdisciplinary nature of the degrees we offer strengthens the linkages between the individual degree courses. This enriches and consolidates our teaching and research. Our practice-oriented scholarship and strong contacts with businesses and organisations in the field provide input for the further development of course content. We have always maintained close ties with other academic institutions in and around Hamburg.

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