The CyberSec Research and Transfer Centre (RTC) focuses on the development, application possibilities, and consequences of decentralised technologies in economic and scientific processes.

The Internet and the associated technologies have had a significant impact on society and the economy. The current trend towards smart homes and smart cities has introduced new challenges with respect to the design of the security aspects of the associated technologies. The wide distribution of mobile devices that enable wireless communication supports the development of decentralised networks. Unfortunately, the rapid growth and application of the technologies mean that the corresponding security aspects still lack technological sophistication.

The Digital Business Processes RTC deals with the safe design of such distributed systems in various applications. These include the monitoring of transport logistics (HANSEBLOC), the development of digital object memories (DigitaP), and the decentralised management of scientific data (QPTDat). To achieve this goal, we work closely with several partners in industry and academia.

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