IW3 | IWm Teilvorhaben Wärmemarktplatz

IW3 - IWm Teilvorhaben Wärmemarktplatz

The aim of IWm is to contribute to the decarbonisation of district heating through innovative trading and marketing mechanisms. Therefore, the sub-project investigates different verification methods for the origin and utilisation of heat as well as their trading on an open market platform with the aim of creating incentives for renewable heat generation.

The sub-project “Heat marketplace” aims to develop and implement a platform for trading heat quantities (and temperatures). A basic concept for this heat marketplace was developed in the Smart Heat Grid Hamburg project and an associated doctorate. The concept is based on a cascaded market and takes into account different trading periods in order to represent different investment periods. At the same time, the principle of Smart Markets is taken into account. This means that hydraulic grid bottlenecks are identified and taken into account in the auctions. Physically not viable bids are thus prevented in advance. Concerning the heating network simulation, IWm cooperates with the parallel IW³-IWs project.

The developed heat market concept is implemented algorithmically and tested for a real-life implementation. The algorithm will initially be tested simulatively and on a laboratory scale. In order to do so, the marketplace will be coupled with a simulation model of the district heating system in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg with various heat generators such as biomethane CHP units, gas boilers, solar thermal energy, deep geothermal energy and industrial waste heat.

Finally, the IWm will evaluate the marketplace concept and the developed verification models with the aim of making statements for the future use of the developed solutions in the heating sector. Further information on the sub-project can be found on the project page.

In cooperation with
HIR Hamburg Institute Research gGmbH
Hamburger Energiewerke
CC4E - Competence Center for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency