The ‘KLIMA.kompetent’ project at HAW Hamburg aims to increase the awareness and skills of students and lecturers with regard to the health and social effects of climate change. The topic of climate change has so far been insufficiently addressed in higher education, although adaptation to climate change is of crucial importance for public health.

The project aims to develop open teaching and learning materials that can be used in different health professions, such as health sciences, public health, nursing management and midwifery. These materials will be designed to be interactive and case-based to enable practical learning success. A further aim is to make parts of these materials applicable to professional practice, for example in risk communication or patient/client health education.

The project is based on the results of the HOOU project ‘Lets talk climate’, which was carried out over a period of more than 12 months and in which the need for such materials was identified by both students and practitioners in the fields of midwifery and health sciences.

These materials are being developed under an open licence to enable wide use and adaptation. The materials will be available in both digital and analogue formats to appeal to different target groups. The aim of ‘KLIMA.kompetent’ is to empower students and teachers to take measures to protect public health in the context of climate change and to raise awareness of sustainability in professional practice.

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