Multilinear Automation for Reduction of Generic Energy usage

Projekt MARGE

Part: "Black-box methods for controller design with multilinear models"

The MARGE project contributes energetically optimal and demand-oriented building operation of commercial locations with production halls and office buildings. Together with the partners Envidatec  and Vilisto, a coordination control system is developed that integrates individual room controls with building and process control. It is based on existing technologies for building and process management and thus addresses the diversity of energy subsystems, e.g. in demonstration buildings of DESY  in Hamburg.

Based on the findings of the SIOSTA project, methods for black-box identification of the structure of multilinear models from measurement data are being developed at HAW. These are essential for the implementability of model-based control concepts without detailed plant and further programming knowledge and thus for the goal of the overall MARGE project.

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Enrico Uhlenberg
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Faculty of Life Sciences