Reclaiming stormwater ecosystem services

Reclaiming stormwater ecosystem services via education and multi-actor dialogue

The project 'Reclaiming stormwater ecosystem services via education and multi-actor dialogue', funded by the Council of the Baltic Sea States Project Support Facility, contributes to the sustainable development of a prosperous Baltic Sea region by developing a teaching and training course on sustainable urban stormwater management and related ecosystem services. The course will bring together students, decision makers, planners, and other professionals for a multi-actor, mutual learning programme comprising workshops and online courses. The course will be embedded and disseminated through the Baltic University Programme to reach stakeholders from across the entire Baltic Sea region.

The project will demonstrate the potential of sustainable stormwater management – for example, green roofs, porous pavements, bioretention basins or bioswales – to respond to the increasing climate change-induced risk of urban flooding, and to improve urban ecosystems. It will demonstrate state-of-the art approaches and the innovation potential and capacities related to sustainable stormwater management that exist in the Baltic Sea region.
Through its multi-actor approach and active knowledge and experience exchange across the Baltic Sea region, the project will foster macro-regional cooperation and developments.

The FTZ NK is one of three partners in the international project consortium, which is led by the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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