Traceability Reference Architecture Conformant EBSI for European Union

The traceability of data, documents, and physical goods are essential in many fields. Therefore, the traceability use case was one of the first developed by the EBP (from 2018 on). Traceability use cases and applications enable EBSI and other blockchain-based electronic ledgers to be used and applied in many domains. The general objective of this project is to create an "umbrella architecture" based on existing EBSI services. The architecture builds the basis for the realization of traceability application scenarios. Furthermore, TRACE4EU focuses on engagement with pan-European stakeholders and promotion of recommendations for further development of the EBSI eco-system. As a result, TRACE4EU can significantly influence traditional industries and contribute to their transition to more efficient, productive, competitive, and resilient ones. It will also strengthen transparency in the European area for citizens, who can better and proactively track the flow of commodities and data through future traceability implementations. The umbrella architecture will be derived from the work on multiple scenarios, including analyzing requirements for traceability applications of tangible and intangible assets that work in local and cross-border settings.

European Commission
Faculty of Life Sciences