Ukraine Nature Network

Platform to document and disseminate information on environment and nature conservation initiatives in Ukraine in the context of the war

The Russian war against Ukraine is not only impacting an already stressed natural environment but also preventing efforts to improve the situation. Most activities and investments to restore habitats, conserve species, improve protected area management as well as mitigate and adapt to climate change have been disrupted. 

Against this background, the main objective of the project “Ukraine Nature Network” is: 
“To set-up and maintain a platform to congregate and disseminate information on environment projects in Ukraine, in the context of the current war. The platform is designed to act as a central hub for information on ongoing and planned environmental projects in Ukraine, especially those that intend to address the many impacts and damages associated with the war”. 
This includes data on project objectives, methodologies, outcomes, and their positive impacts on local ecosystems.

Apart from its role as an information hub, UNN will also facilitate collaboration among environmental NGOs, government agencies, academic  institutions, and the private sector. By sharing resources and information, these entities can maximise their impact on conservation  and restoration efforts.

The key themes and focus of the project are: 

  •     Matters related to soil (including agriculture); 
  •     Forests and forests conservation; 
  •     Waste management; 
  •     Energy production

Organizations that are working within the listed topics are welcome to join the Ukraine Nature Network. Participation in the network is free of charge. It offers the members the following advantages:

  • Access to information on current projects and initiatives in Ukraine in the field of environment, especially water, soil, forests, and waste management to be used by universities, NGOs, foundations, the private sector etc.
  • Access to information on project calls, support to events and other funding opportunities
  • Possibilities to get in touch with organizations in many countries interested in working in Ukraine on environmental issues

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Research and Transfer Centre “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management”
Dr. Mariia Fedoruk
Mariia.Fedoruk (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Project Team:

Dr. Maria Fedoruk
German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU)
Faculty of Life Sciences