The goal

A semester abroad can mean significant costs, especially if the partner university chosen is located in one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world: Shanghai. In the interest of equal opportunity, the International coordination team applied to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for funding under the International Study and Education Partnerships (ISAP) programme and its application was approved in 2019. This funding was extended for two more years in 2021. These funds provide students who would not have been able to afford such a semester abroad with the opportunity to participate in an exchange. 

The programme

The ISAP project approved for exchanges between HAW Hamburg and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) consists of several packages of measures. First, it promotes the intensification of instructor and student exchanges. This includes stays abroad for three HAW Hamburg scholarship recipients, together with guest lectureships. The latter is in line with HAW Hamburg's Internationalisation@home strategy, which enables students to also obtain international experience even if they do not go abroad themselves. Blended learning concepts will also be developed for use at both universities. As a result of the long-standing cooperation, there are already a large number of alumni who will need to be networked in future. The network between students at the two universities will be strengthened through the development of an alumni management system.

Application process

Only students who have successfully completed the application process for a semester abroad at the USST during the winter semester can apply for the scholarship. The call for places at USST is open to all students each semester. Of those students who secure a place at USST, three will be selected for a scholarship by Prof. Natalia Ribberink in a separate process. Announcements regarding the scholarships will be made via the HAW Hamburg mailer. Interested students should therefore check their mailbox regularly.

Sponsor: German Academic Exchange Service

Duration: August 2019–August 2023

Partner university: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Target group: Students in the Department of Business

Number of students funded: 3

Funding period:
Winter term (5 months)

Scholarship amount:
€1,275 per month
€850 flight allowance (one-time funding)
€35 insurance flat rate per month