Call for Papers

Symposium on Coastal Sustainability

Mon, 26 Jun 2023, 11:00 am – Tue, 27 Jun 2023, 4:00 pm
Klaipeda, Lithuania, 26th-27th June 2023

Fostering Sustainable Development and Increasing the Climate Resilience of Costal Areas
Coastal areas are at the forefront of climate change. They are under severe pressures from climate factors on the one hand, but also from urban growth on the other. There is a perceived need to discuss approaches and methods which can lead to an increased resilience  of coastal areas, and reduce their vulnerability to climate change, and to identify ways to make them more sustainable. 
It is against this background that the  "Symposium on Coastal Sustainability: Fostering Sustainable Development and Increasing the Climate Resilience of Coastal Areas" is being organised by the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP) and Klaipeda University which is part of EU-CONEXUS - European Univeristy for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability, in cooperation with the Baltic University Programme. The event will be held in Klaipeda, Lithuania, on 26th-27th June 2023.

Objectives of the event
Under the theme "Fostering Sustainable Development and Increasing the Climate Resilience of Coastal Areas", the event aims to identify, document and disseminate ideas, experiences and visions from scientists, members of non-governmental organizations, decision-makers and practitioners on what can be done to reduce the vulnerability of coastal areas to climate change, to increase their resilience, and their sustainability, which is important in pursuing future scenarios.

Academic output
As  an output of the event, the  book "Coastal Sustainability: Fostering Sustainable Development and Increasing the Climate Resilience of Costal Areas" will be produced, with all accepted papers. This is part of the "World Sustainability Series",  the leading peer-reviewed book series on sustainable development. Publications in the series are indexed, and have been officially counting for tenure and promotion purposes, for many years. Over 3000 authors from across all geographical regions have contributed to the series to date.

Profile of participants
The event will be of special interest to researchers working on the nexus climate change,  coastal areas and sustainable development. It will also  be useful to government agencies, NGOs and other groups working in this field.

About the venue
The event will be held on the premises of Klaipeda University, in the coastal city of Klaipeda. The city may be accessed by train from Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city, or via Palanga Airport, ca. 30 km away.
How to participate: submit an abstract

We are now calling for abstracts, which consist of a 200 words outline of the paper, along with the names and full contact details of the authors. Abstracts should be sent to the coordinating team at: lealfilho (at) yahoo (dot) com 

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 5th March 2023. Full papers are due by 30th July 2023. Further details will be discussed with the authors whose abstracts have been accepted. We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you in the historical city of Klaipeda in June 2023.

Fees an charges
A registration fee of Euro 250 (plus taxes) will be charged per delegate, to offset the preparation costs and production of the book. The fee also includes the coffee breaks and lunches during the days
of the Symposium. An invoice for the registration fees will be sent by the company 3Sixty Meetings, which is coordinating all registrations and income collection.


Professor Walter Leal, HAW Hamburg & ICCIRP, Germany, Co-Chair

Professor Loreta Kelpšaitė-Rimkienė, Klaipeda University, Lithuania, Co-Chair

lealfilho (at) yahoo (dot) com