North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, The

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Fulltext available since: Volume 1 , H. 1 (2017)
Publisher: LAB-NUPABS
ZDB-ID: 3028700-5
Subject(s): Agriculture and Forestry, Horticulture, Nutritional and Domestic Science, Chemistry and Pharmacology
Tag(s): Ernährungswissenschaft, Lebensmitteltechnologie
E-ISSN(s): 2588-1582
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Comment: The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research (NAJFNR) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, online journal, with no publication and submission charges, costs or fees. ​ The NAJFNR is endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the authority of General-Directorate (DGRSDT) (