Discourse in the digital transformation – Dialogue for and with the public

As an active partner supporting dialogue and competence, HAW Hamburg views the exchange of ideas and discourse on issues and questions surrounding the digital transformation as particularly important. This is why we are strengthening and developing interdisciplinary dialogue and discourse on this transformation, both at HAW Hamburg and with the public. We focus on the following dimensions:

Dimension 1 – Dialogue and discourse at HAW Hamburg

Dimension 2Dialogue and discourse with the public

To promote this dialogue, HAW Hamburg is pursuing the following goals:

1. Enhancement and increased visibility

Because HAW Hamburg has already established various activities in the area of digitalisation in its faculties and departments, it strives to both strengthen these activities and increase their visibility.

2. Dialogue and participation formats

Alongside the established activities and formats and the efforts to increase their visibility, HAW Hamburg is developing new (cross-faculty) dialogue and participation formats.

3. Communications events and activities

To promote the discussion of issues related to digitalisation, HAW Hamburg is enhancing its existing and successful formats for dialogue with the public and developing additional high-profile formats that address the opportunities and risks of digitalisation.