Scope of services

The Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management RTC is active in the following fields:

  • Preparation, development and thematic structuring of R&D projects and projects within the framework of state, national and EU programmes such as ESF, ERDF, FP7 and other initiatives
  • Consultation concerning the implementation of European projects, including the search for suitable partners
  • Initiation, implementation, coordination and thematic structuring of interdisciplinary research projects and practice-oriented projects with the participation of HAW professors as well as experts from other universities and research centres
  • Studies and surveys (international, regional and local) and compilation of expert opinions
  • Development and preparation of symposia, seminars and conferences as well as further training schemes
  • Publication of research findings
  • Involvement in international initiatives (e.g. the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme, the Baltic University Programme) and representation of HAW Hamburg in relevant national and international committees.