Decarbonising Industry and Society

International Climate Change Information and Research Programme launches initiative "Decarbonising Industry and Society"

Created in 2009 at COP15 in Copenhagen, the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP) hosted by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany is a leading information and research programme on climate change.

Based on the perceived need to assist industry, government agencies and other organisations in various sectors such as health, banking and financing, education and extractive industries in their efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, (ICCIRP) has launched the initiative "Decarbonising Industry and Society".

This consists of:

  • a) provision of expert advice on decarbonisation processes and techniques
  • b) information on access to modern technologies
  • c) organisation of tailor-made capacity building events
  • d) mobilisation of the relevant stakeholders
  • e) information on access to funding (loans, subsidies, grants, awards) to support decarbonisation initiatives

The range of services includes support with the design and implementation of decarbonisation plans in organisations and infra-structure such as ports and airports, in development projects, or as part of planned investments. Apart from direct benefits such as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the initiative "Decarbonising Industry and Society" is also associated with socio-economic benefits and financial gains.

For further details and individual discussions on how the programme "Decarbonising Industry and Society" may assist your work and your organisation, please contact the ICCIRP team at: info (at) iccip (dot) net