Computer Science – exchange students

Computer Science is everywhere. Regardless of whether you are interested in pure science or applied software engineering or thrilled by the idea of interdisciplinary research, HAW Hamburg will provide you with an interesting choice of modules either as taught seminars with labs or as projects in internationally recognised fields of research. Excellent lab infrastructure, highly motivated professors and the beauty of the city of Hamburg will combine to give you a great learning experience.

Each summer semester (March–July), exchange students from our partner universities can gain insight into our expertise in teaching and research and can choose from the following classes and research projects in English at Campus Berliner Tor:

1. Computer Science – courses in English

  • Artificial Intelligence and Software Agents
  • Databases
  • Modelling and Simulation Research Project*
  • Operating Systems
  • Seminar (Bachelor)*
  • Software Construction 2

* students complete a semester-long research project. Exchange students may also be interested in combining classes with additional courses in software and hardware in Information Engineering.

Download the module handbook for more information about the courses and projects.

Note: This programme is a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Information & Electrical Engineering. As the courses are offered in two different degree programmes, some class schedules may overlap. Please check with the Student Exchange Coordinator.

2. Research internship with the MARS research team

Students can also complete a semester-long research internship in the field of big data and multi-agent research simulation. This programme is part of the UAS7 Internship Program and offers a 1,000 € travel stipend to exchange students from the USA. For more information visit theMARS website or contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Clemen.

Application deadline:
Summer semester (March–July): 30 October
(open to: guest students from partner universities and Global E3 partners only; not open to freemovers)

Female student sitting with a laptop outside on campus

With the MARS research team I developed my programming abilities by learning a new language, my problem-solving skills by making multi-agent models and my professional skills by interacting with new colleagues.

Erika Bryant, USA

Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science
Student Exchange Coordinator, TI-international (@)