Application deadlines and applications

Please be sure to check the requirements for the individual programmes and the application documents required on the Europe/Erasmus+ and Studying overseas programme pages well ahead of time and to consult with your student exchange coordinator.

... for a study abroad stay at our partner universities

6 January for a stay in the winter semester:

  • HAW goes USA
  • Global E³
  • Hong Kong (China – only applies to the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science & Faculty of Life Sciences)

15 February for a stay in the winter semester and/or the following summer semester:

  • Erasmus+
  • HAW Worldwide
  • HaMoNee

15 June for a stay in the summer semester:

  • HAW Down Under
  • Unfilled study places: Erasmus+
  • Unfilled study places: HAW Worldwide
  • Unfilled study places: Global E³ (rare)
  • Unfilled study places: HaMoNee


To the Mobility Online application portal

Applications for the 2023/24 academic year can be submitted for the Overseas and Global E³ programmes as of 1 December 2022.

You can prepare your application documents before this function is activated.
Before sending your form, please make sure that the information is correct (e.g. the semester you are applying for) and follow the information in the emails you receive as part of the application process.

Overseas application form
(for all overseas programmes except Global E³)
Global E³ application form

Erasmus+ application form


Log in to the portal
(to keep working on your application once you have sent the application form and successfully registered for the portal)