Our approach to research and transfer

Our academic and society-oriented approach means that the transfer of knowledge and know-how to practical settings is of central importance at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg).

An integral element of our work is the joint development and dissemination of knowledge as a product, as well as the sharing and communication of experience, contacts and networks, whether through practice-based student projects, interdisciplinary research projects or major transdisciplinary research undertakings.

Another central element is HAW Hamburg's fundamental understanding of teaching and research as interwoven, and of active transfer via support for exchange processes that facilitate input and feedback from all participants. Open access to research findings in the sense of 'open science' is an important pursuit at HAW Hamburg.

There are various possibilities for conducting research with HAW Hamburg:

  • You can support HAW Hamburg in fulfilling its legal responsibility to generate academic findings that address technological and societal problems. These research findings are used and published by the university (externally funded research).
  • You can also contract HAW Hamburg to carry out research for your business or institution. The results of these research activities are then available to you as the commissioning party. Here it makes sense that the university can also implement these projects and their findings in its teaching (research contract).
  • You can also contract HAW Hamburg to carry out specific research services such as measurements or evaluations. In this case you can benefit from our university's infrastructure and our researchers' know-how.

If you are interested in conducting research in cooperation with HAW Hamburg, free free to contact us at Research and Transfer to discuss what the next steps could look like.

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