AblaPyro (Plant planning for the construction and operation of a pyrolysis and steam-reforming facility for the production of hydrogen from biomass)

The AblaPyro project entails the planning of a demonstration facility for the thermochemical transformation of biogenic waste to biohydrogen on an industrial scale in Germany, with a processing capacity of 120 tonnes per day. The time frame for the approval planning, including a feasibility study, is 24 months, from January 2023 to December 2024.

The CC4E's role in AblaPyro includes tasks and issues related to societal acceptance, as well as project communication and networking. The CC4E also contributes its resources in terms of the necessary regional, national and international project networking.

The goal is to accompany the various planning steps in the context of the societal discussions that increasingly surround projects related to the utilisation of biomass (also known as residual or waste materials) from an academic perspective and to generate a neutral discussion, information and networking platform. One example is the selection of a suitable location for the proposed facility, the selection criteria for which include the acceptance of people in the area.

Building on AblaPyro, the project coordinator, Bioenergy Concept GmbH, has plans to construct a commercial demonstration facility in Germany for the conversion of approximately 60,000 tonnes per year of wood waste. This is planned to take place over the mid term together with a yet-to-be-established consortium of industrial operators. AblaPyro will carry out the necessary planning steps and preparatory work up until the point that the building approvals are submitted and will be accompanied by the research partners CC4E and IFAS. The goal is to attract additional partners during this phase for the construction and long-term operation of the plant. The investment required for the subsequent construction of the demonstration facility will be approximately €35 million.

In cooperation with
Bioenergy Concept GmbH (BC)
Institut für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement (IfaS)
CC4E - Competence Center for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Faculty of Life Sciences