CamPuls II

Promoting and developing student health at HAW Hamburg

CamPuls is a research project that addresses the promotion and development of student health at HAW Hamburg. On the one hand, it aims to transform HAW Hamburg into a health-promoting university based on criteria from the Working group on Health-promoting universities (Arbeitskreis Gesundheitsfördernde Hochschulen). On the other, it aims to establish a student health management (SHM) programme. Student health can be ensured most effectively via simultaneous behavioural and environmental interventions. This means creating an environment at HAW Hamburg that is more strongly focused on health promotion – in collaboration with the Executive Board, deans, facility managers, Studierendenwerk, the Student Center, the Faculty Service Offices, staff members, instructors, the Students' Union, etc.) – and providing students with suitable programmes to support and promote their individual health.

The Techniker health insurance company funded the project for an initial period of two years from 2019 to 2021. Since December 2021, the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg health insurance company has provided the project's funding.

Project website:

CCG - Competence Center for Health Faculty of Life Sciences