HOOU-Onlinekurs: "Digitales Lernen und Elektromobilität"

HOOU-Onlinekurs: "Digitales Lernen und Elektromobilität"

Logo "Digital Learning and E-Mobility"

Available since January 2019: The project “Digital Learning and E-mobility” is being performed as part of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) initiative.

E-mobility is an economically and technological future topic, with very good career prospects and provides many learning opportunities. Until now there is a lack on initiatives that move this topic forward systematically in teaching at universities. The project aim is therefore to produce a set of modules on e-mobility, which can be used as a flexible learning tool. The modules will entail innovative concepts, especially in terms of the rapidly changing working environments.

The focus of the project is therefore on the following aspects:
•    Collecting and preparing information about e-mobility
•    Development and testing of training modules concerning e-mobility, as Open Education Resources (OERs)

The FTZ-NK cooperates with national as well as international experts from science, research and industry. The method used will be "tool box", which means that for each module there will be an electronic box with each module, complemented by power point presentations, videos and links to free materials. One pre-condition is that everything needs to be open access and free of any copyrights, so as to allow a wider use.

The modules are written in English, so that they can be used not only interdisciplinary but also internationally in teaching.

Project Leader
Derya Taser Tasci
Faculty of Life Sciences