All members of the university – including employees, students, instructors, contractors, interns, and cleaning staff from external companies – are entitled to protection from sexual harassment, discrimination and violence at HAW Hamburg.

Advising in cases of sexual harassment

What is understood as sexual harassment at HAW Hamburg? Sexual harassment is any intentional and sexually suggestive behaviour, verbal or non-verbal, that is unwanted by and violates the dignity of the person affected.

Who is responsible for doing something about it? All HAW Hamburg members, especially those with educational, qualification or management responsibilities in teaching, research, training, administration and the internal governing bodies, are responsible for ensuring that sexual harassment, discrimination and violence do not take place.

Measures for prevention and resolution are actively intiated and supported. All members of the university are encouraged to make suggestions for preventative measures. In the event of violations, disciplinary measures for staff members will be determined by the respective supervisor. Disciplinary measures for students will be determined by the president.

Those who exercise their rights and stand up to sexual harassment and violence will face no disadvantages. Those affected are expressly encouraged not to tolerate sexual harassment and violence.

Who helps when a member of the university experiences sexual harassment?
The confidential advisors provide assistance and support in the event of sexual harassment.

The confidential advisors

  • advise those impacted by sexual harassment in the strictest confidence,
  • provide contact information for obtaining legal and psychological advice and counselling,
  • provide information about workplace complaints processes, criminal and civil law options and consequences, and the chain of intervention at HAW Hamburg,
  • immediately implement protective measures in consulation with the person impacted,
  • support the individual until the agreed-upon measures have been completed,
  • have the right, at the request of the person impacted, to report violations to the supervisor/s or dean/s, or in the case of students, to the president,
  • act on behalf of the individual impacted, similarly to the way a lawyer supports a client.

Confidential advisors in cases of sexual harassment

Andrea Bettels
Equal Opportunities staff member, Head of the Family Office
Berliner Tor 5
T +49.40.428 75- 9046
Office hours: by appointment

Peter Hambrinker
Head of the Student Counselling Office
Stiftstr. 69
T +49.40.428 75- 9216
Office hours: by appointment

Stefanie Kieback
Deputy head of the Student Counselling Office, Student counsellor, Psychologist
T +49.40.428 75-9111
Office hours: by appointment

Prof. Dr. Sabine Stövesand
Professor of Social Work
Alexanderstraße 1
T +49.40.428 75- 7101
Office hours: by appointment

Additional contact people

The equal opportunities commissioner for technical, administrative and library staff and her deputy; the equal opportunities commissioner for academic staff; the Staff Council; and the Students' Union (AStA) and its Queer Committee can all provide support to those who have experienced sexual harassment.

No to sexual harassment!

Our 'No to sexual harassment!' brochure and poster provide tips to take with you and distribute.

No to sexual harassment! – Brochure
No to sexual harassment! – Poster