Contemporary Pacific, The (aktuelle Jahrgänge)

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Fulltext available since: Volume 12 , H. 1 (2000)
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press ; Project MUSE
ZDB-ID: 2013416-2
Subject(s): Economics, Ethnic Sciences, Political Science
E-ISSN(s): 1527-9464
P-ISSN(s): 1043-898X
Appearance: Fulltext, online and print
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Titel: The contemporary Pacific : a journal of island affairs / Center for Pacific Islands Studies
Inventory: 1.1989,1/2; 2.1990,2; 3.1991,2; 4.1992,1-2 - 17.2005,1-2
Signature: BC 49
Location: Hamburg Asien-Afrika-Inst.

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